Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day at Radisson Blu Edwardian New Providence Wharf

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, put yourself first this Valentine’s Day! Self-love really can be the best love of all – it’s worth effort and it’s worth analysis. It’s a journey that takes dedication, devotion and practice & it is precisely the reason why this year SpaSeeekers wants you to rethink Valentine’s Day.

On this occasion, SpaSeekers hosted a Valentine’s Day event to celebrate female empowerment and self-love. Influencers from London were invited to the Radisson Blu Edwardian New Providence Wharf for an afternoon of pampering in the hotel’s tranquil East River Spa. As well as a selection of luxurious beauty treatments and full spa access, our guests took part in a mindful yoga workshop and enjoyed a bubbly afternoon tea.

Here's what our attendees shared about their experience at Radisson Blu!

Eboni from Eboni Ivory Blog:

"The yoga class with Alec was extremely enjoyable and rewarding. I love that he was able to help us almost one on one and he stayed at a level he could see we were comfortable with. 

The hotel was beautiful and modern with some quirky touches which I loved. It was extremely peaceful and pleasant which carried into the spa. My massage was incredible. The masseuse was excellent and I especially appreciated the heated beds, music and the aromas. The afternoon tea was beautiful and extremely tasty! I loved the generous helpings of cake, they all tasted wonderful. I also appreciated the fresh apple juice and salmon sandwiches!"

Natalie from Hello Cuppies:

"In the afternoon I was led by the loveliest of therapists into one of the many treatments rooms and asked to smell three beautiful fragrant massage oils. I’m always drawn to things that smell of cinnamon with a slight spicy edge so oil number 1 was perfect. Usually in spas the treatment rooms are quite compact but the rooms here were bigger than usual meaning you didn’t feel quite so claustrophobic. All equipped with candles (standard), showers, piles of soft fluffy towels, and a sleepy tune playing quietly in the background I was ready for my muscles to melt and for my mind to totally relax." Continue reading what Natalie hast to say about her spa experience here!

Alicia from Aesthetic Obsessed:

"Working at a laptop for 80% of a week along with a couple of ballet classes a week quickly creates tension and knots in my back…so obviously I opted to have a back massage and holy crap did I make the right decision. The only back massages I’ve every previously have been from friends or a physio so toget one done professionally was amazing. The therapist I had was absolutely amazing and she focused on my upper back and shoulder which is where I often hold a lot of tension and as the treatment went on I could feel it just melting away. She used a combination of hot oil on the skin as well as a hot towel towards the end of the treatment."



It’s become common knowledge that we are all supposed to love ourselves, no matter what our relationship status, but how many of us really practice self-lovin’? Our version of Valentine's Day Spa trip revitalised our guest’s bodies and minds, allowing them to fully unwind and reflect on how they can practice self-love. 

But you don’t need an event to attend to practice your own self-love. This year, everyone should celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single or taken. We want you to celebrate the most important relationship you’ll ever have: the relationship you have with yourself.

To help you love you, we’ve put together 6 tips on how to practice some self-love this Valentine’s Day:

1. Process your Positives

Keep a journal or write notes on your phone, of all the little things you accomplish, feel good about, do right, like about yourself, makes you happy etc. Write down your strengths and everything about you that you are grateful for. Studies show that updating your journal regularly and reading it a few times a day can have a positive impact on your mood and help keep anxiety at bay. Keep your self-talk positive and remember our thoughts precede our emotions and behaviours.


2. Look after Yourself and your Environment

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the importance of creating an organised, clean and aesthetically pleasing environment for yourself, both at home and at work. Keeping your desk at work clean and uncluttered will help you focus during the day and allow you to finish work on a high. Spend time making your house a home; somewhere you will enjoy spending time, both by yourself and with guests.


3. Look After Your Body

Prepare healthy, nutritious meals for yourself and schedule regular physical, dental and mental check-ups. Once you have found a type of exercise you love, make time to practice regularly and enjoy the range of activities your body allows you to do. Check in with yourself and reassess your routine regularly to make sure you’re happy with it and that it is nurturing your body – it’s the only one you have.


4. Treat yourself

Buy yourself something you’ve always wanted – be it a product or an experience. There are so many ways to do this – from treating yourself to a new handbag or a spa day or even booking a holiday! If you don’t have the budget right now, make a plan to ensure you will be able to do it in the near future.


5. Quality Me-Time

Set aside time every day to practice mindfulness and make time for leisure and hobbies that you really enjoy doing. Many of us don’t prioritise sleep and exercise, and so it’s important to learn not to over-schedule so you have space in your day for me-time.


6. Feel Self-Love

Stretch your muscles in the way that feels good to you. Take a hot bath with Epsom salts and moisturise your skin with soothing lotions. Get yourself a spa treatment and know you deserve it. 


Want to enjoy of a relaxing spa day in London? Why not check what Radisson Blu Edwardian New Providence Wharf has to offer? 


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