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As experts in all things self-care, we see just how quickly wellness trends can come and go, and as we enter a brand new year we wanted to discover which wellness and beauty trends are set to dominate the industry throughout 2023 - thus welcoming the first edition of the annual SpaSeekers Spa Trends Report.

An extensive deep dive into the world of wellness, we’ve analysed consumer data to reveal the top trending spa treatments and relaxation experiences, the most popular destinations for a spa trip, and more. We’ve also spoken to the experts - who work in our spas day in and day out - to reveal which experiences and treatments they predict are going to be the most in-demand in 2023.

2023’s Trending Spa Treatments and Experiences

From a relaxing facial, to a nourishing massage or hot stones treatment - if you’re in need of a bit of ‘me time’, a spa treatment can be the perfect way to de-stress. However, with so many weird and wonderful therapies and experiences available, which ones are rising in popularity in 2023?
The Top 10 Trending Spa Treatments of 2023

2. Trending Spa Treatments

Our research reveals that it is a yoni steam - also known as vaginal steaming - that is set to be the top trending treatment next year, with online searches for the experience up by 124%. A yoni steam is a traditional, natural remedy which is said to cleanse the womb and uterus, regulate menstruation and ease period cramps and bloating. Simply involving sitting on a custom-made seat with a hole in it, and letting the herb-infused steam rise up, most mainstream spas may not offer the treatment; but many upscale and specialist spas will, serving the demand from those looking for a natural cleanse.

Following a yoni steam are traditional practices including a crystal healing massage, which has increased in demand by 91% over the past year, and a Turkish bath massage, for which searches have increased by 85%. A crystal healing massage involves placing various crystals and minerals around the person receiving the treatment, to draw on their healing properties while the individual is massaged. Benefits of a crystal healing massage can include releasing stress and pain, inducing deep relaxation and rebalancing energy within the body.

In third position, a Turkish bath massage takes place in traditional Turkish baths, starting with a massage, and followed by a scrub down and body exfoliation. The treatment is known to improve the quality of your skin, increase blood circulation and help eliminate toxins.

Another type of bath which ranks in the top ten most popular treatments is a sound bath, with searches up 83%. This doesn’t involve being immersed in water like the name might suggest – but instead being bathed in sound. The immersive sound experience is a form of meditation which has exploded in popularity over the past year, with many spas and wellness centres now offering the experience, which is known to reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue. The team at voco St David`s Cardiff are also looking to introduce sound therapy to their offering in 2023, “Sound therapy could definitely be something that takes off in 2023. The idea is that we’d have particular sounds to the treatment to compliment treatments, and create a relaxing environment (eg. the sound of coastal waves). Or even to offer solely sound experiences, as a relaxing, non- treatment therapy.”

Other treatments which are set to be huge in 2023 include gold massages (up 84%), and light therapy facials (50%) - all of which are hugely popular and trending on TikTok too, with tens to hundreds of millions of views for each treatment on the social media app.

A gold massage is a new luxury massage which has exploded in popularity in the past year, with over 30 million views for the treatment on TikTok. As the name would suggest, a gold massage is carried out using 23-karat gold, and the treatment is said to work wonders in strengthening the skin’s immune system, while giving you a visibly dewy glow.

Another treatment which has seen a significant increase in popularity is the light therapy facial, which is up in demand by 49%, with ‘facial led light therapy’ also garnering over 42 million views on TikTok. The anti-inflammatory, acne-fighting, anti-aging treatment has become widely regarded as one the most transformative treatments around, with many beauty lovers even investing in at-home masks to use in between spa treatments. The spa experts at Rena Spa at The Midland Hotel are predicting that anti-ageing, non-surgical treatments are only going to get more popular as the year goes on, thanks to many celebrities inspiring spa-goers and wellness lovers with the use of LED facials and supplements.

Lymphatic drainage facials have also seen significant increases in popularity, with searches up 83% for the treatment, which uses lymph drainage massage techniques to protect against puffy, dull, and saggy skin. Another treatment which also drains toxins from the body, and which is also up by 83%, is colonic hydrotherapy. Traditionally used as preparation for medical treatments such as a colonoscopy, colonic hydrotherapy is now being offered more commonly at spas and wellness centres around the country, thanks to its many heath benefits. The treatment, which involves cleansing the large intestine of waste materials via gentle flushing with warm water, has benefits including clearer skin, improved circulation, a strengthened immune system and better digestion.

Also up by 83% were salt saunas, which differ from the traditional Finnish sauna in both temperature and humidity. The softer heat, lower humidity and salt injection of a salt sauna is known for improving the respiratory system and skin – with sufferers of asthma and hayfever particularly benefitting from the treatment.

RankSpa treatmentYoY increase in searches
1 Yoni steam 124%
2 Crystal healing massage 91%
3 Turkish bath massage 85%
4 Gold massage 84%
=5 Lymphatic drainage facial 83%
=5 Sound bath 83%
=7 Colonic hydrotherapy 83%
=7 Salt sauna 83%
9 Ayurveda massage 50%
10 Light therapy facial 49%
3. Trending Spa Exeperiences

The Top 10 Trending Spa Experiences of 2023

As the spa and leisure industries continue to thrive, a greater variety of spas and experiences continue to emerge - and keeping up with the changes can be really confusing! To find out which spa experiences are the most popular, we analysed worldwide search data to reveal which ones are seeing the biggest increase in demand.

Immersive spas are seeing the biggest increase in searches, up by a humongous 566% compared to last year. With over 1.6 billion views on TikTok, they use technology to make visitors feel as if they’re surrounded by the natural world - from bathing in a storm, complete with lightning and thunder, to relaxing in pools by a waterfall. Very few spas currently offer an immersive spa experience, however as technology continues to develop, and demand continues to increase for this unique spa experience, it’s likely that we’ll see many more of them in the future.

Along with unique spa experiences, our research revealed that many spa-lovers also seem to be searching for more private methods of relaxation than ever before. Adult-only spas rank in second place with search increases of 127%, and female-only and silent spas rank in 5th and 6th positions, each with increases in demand of up to 86% since last year. The team at Rena Spa at The Midland Hotel are predicting similar trends for the year ahead - “I think in 2023 spa-goers will be looking for a full day where they can truly switch off from the world. I think this is because of the aftermath of the pandemic, and people placing more of a focus and priority on their mental health.”

And for those who don’t fancy spending a day relaxing on their own, preferring to chill with their furry friends instead, dog-friendly spas also ranked in the top ten, with search increases of 50%. Doggy spa breaks are certainly set to be sweeping the nation, and the trend has already started, with one of our own 4-star spa hotels in Derbyshire already offering the service. Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa now offers a ‘Pampered Pooch Experience’ in partnership with Georgina’s Pet Sitting Service, with the package including an exercise walk on the beautiful grounds, a lavish shampoo massage bubble bath, a pedicure and paw soak.

Natural spas such as mineral spring and thermal spas have also seen significant increases in searches (126% and 124%, respectively). Mineral spas comprise a natural source of spring water in which guests can bathe, with mineral water having long been used within the spa industry for its healing properties, and many soaking in it in order to relieve pain and skin ailments. If the water source is naturally-heated by the earth’s crust, the venue is likely to be referred to as a thermal spa. The water at thermal spas is believed to aid digestion and metabolism, and can provide relief from sports injuries and skin conditions.

Finally, spas with more traditional and cultural roots - such as Ayurveda and thalassotherapy spas - also saw significant increases in demand in 2022. Originating in India, Ayurveda - meaning ‘the knowledge for long life’ in Sanskrit - is the oldest known health practice in the world and is the focus of spas with the same name. The treatments aim to boost immunity and prevent disease, delay ageing and promote overall wellbeing - as an example, daily yoga and meditation classes are often included as part of packages at Ayurvedic spas.

Thalassotherapy (from the Greek word thalassa, meaning ‘sea’) is the medical use of seawater as a form of therapy. Thalassotherapy spas often feature a warm, mineral rich thalassotherapy pool comprising powerful hydrotherapy jets to massage, tone and soothe tired and aching muscles, in addition to affusion showers (massaging and invigorating indoor sprinkler systems).

RankSpa experienceYoY increase in searches
1 Immersive spas 566%
2 Adults only spas 127%
3 Mineral spring spa 126%
4 Thermal spa 124%
5 Female-only spa 86%
=6 Silent spa 83%
=6 Ayurvedic spa 83%
=8 Dog-friendly spa 50%
=8 Organic spa 50%
10 Thalassotherapy spa 27%
4. Booking Locations

The UK Locations Booking The Most Spa Breaks

To find out which locations in the UK book the most spa breaks, we’ve also analysed our own bookings data, and compared this to the populations of UK towns and cities, to reveal the UK destinations with the most spa bookings per person.

It was the residents of Wolverhampton who were found to be booking the most spa days, followed by Leeds, Wirral-based port town Birkenhead, and Sheffield. Though northern cities dominated much of the top 10 list, southern coastal city Plymouth ranked in fifth place, and the nation’s capital London ranked in 6th spot.

  1. Wolverhampton
  2. Leeds
  3. Birkenhead
  4. Sheffield
  5. Plymouth
  6. London
  7. Manchester
  8. Newcastle upon Tyne
  9. Walsall
  10. Redditch
5. Spa Destinations

The Most In-Demand Spa Locations Around The World

Looking beyond the UK, we also wanted to find out which global destinations people are searching for spa breaks in the most. To do this, we analysed search data to reveal the destinations which had seen the biggest spikes in searches for spas in that country over the past year.

Topping the list of most in-demand countries for spa breaks was Costa Rica, with searches for spa breaks in the country having increased by an incredible 62,273% compared to last year. Costa Rica is known for its abundance of beautiful spas, with locals very much living by the phrase ‘Pura Vida’ (the good life) and adopting a healthy lifestyle for both the mind and body.

Following in second position was Germany, with global searches for spa breaks up 12,400%, and Croatia ranked in third position, with searches up by over 1,000%. Moldova (250%) and Cambodia (191%) made up the top five most in demand spa destinations.

With the continent being home to some of the most beautiful luxury spas in the world, it was no surprise that several European countries ranked in the top 25, including Slovenia (177%), Poland (175%), Romania (125%), Austria (123%) and Belgium (83%).

RankCountryYoY increase in searches
1 Costa Rica 62,273%
2 Germany 12,400%
3 Croatia 1,019%
4 Moldova 250%
5 Cambodia 191%
6 Maldives 190%
7 Ecuador 182%
8 Slovenia 177%
=9 Poland 175%
=9 Gambia 175%
11 Vietnam 173%
12 Bulgaria 171%
13 Portugal 128%
=14 Oman 126%
=14 New Zealand 126%
=16 Ghana 125%
=16 Romania 125%
=16 Nicaragua 125%
19 Austria 123%
20 Latvia 120%
20 Indonesia 120%

If our Spa Trends Report has inspired you to book a relaxing spa day in 2023, then why not check out the huge range of spa breaks we offer - with everything from overnight breaks to a day out in one of our many spa hotels.


Data compiled for the report from the following sources: Google Keyword Planner, SpaSeekers booking data.

All data correct as of December 2022.

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