A head massage is a great introduction to spa massage, as well as offering lots of potential benefits for the mind and body. In this guide, we look at what’s involved in a head massage, the benefits this treatment offers and highlight some options for your next spa head massage treatment.

What is involved in a spa head massage?

Lasting around 30 minutes, this treatment focuses on the scalp, face and upper neck. A head massage can form part of a longer treatment, such as a facial or a back, neck and shoulders massage. If you’re shy about disrobing at a spa, this might be a good treatment option as you remained fully covered and seated in a massage chair. The exception is if you are combining the treatment with another type of massage.

What are the different types of head massage?

The main type you’ll come across is the Indian head massage (also known as champissage). This treatment is based on ayurvedic medicine, which is a holistic health philosophy.

During the treatment, the therapist will use a range of techniques, including gentle kneading and stroking to rebalance your energies and promote wellbeing. The treatment incorporates acupressure, meaning it focuses on key pressure points on and around the head.

Sometimes, the therapist will incorporate oils or clay to enhance the experience. Popular oils used in a head massage include coconut, almond, avocado and olive.

Spas may offer their own variation on the Indian head massage, using various techniques that focus on the scalp, face and neck.

What are the benefits of a spa head massage?

While head massage shouldn’t replace traditional medical treatments, it can contribute to improving a range of physical and mental issues. As well as promoting relaxation and relieving stress, this type of massage may help to:

- Improve circulation of blood and lymph throughout the body

- Release tension from the head, neck and shoulders

- Combat fatigue and low mood

- Offer relief from tension headaches and migraine

- Aid restful sleep and combat insomnia

It is important to note that immediately following the treatment, you may feel a bit tired or light-headed. This should alleviate within a few hours but be mindful of this if you are driving to the appointment. You should avoid alcohol for at least five hours ahead of the treatment.

Head massage and hair growth

Head massage from a trained therapist boosts oxygen and blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles, so can potentially help those living with hair loss or thinning. Additionally, the treatment reduces levels of stress hormones, which allows the body to function optimally, including the ability of hair follicles to do their job. If oils are used during the massage, this can help to alleviate dry skin and dandruff, which can impede the hair follicles, as well as improving the condition of the hair itself.

However, during the treatment, the hair is gently pulled, so if hair loss is a concern, talk to the therapist ahead of time to make sure the treatment is suitable for you.

Who should avoid head massage?

As with most spa treatments, a head massage is not suitable for everyone. In particular, you should avoid this treatment if you have:

- had recent surgery

- experienced a head or neck injury

- a history of thrombosis or embolism

- spondylitis or spondylosis

As always, if you have any underlying medical issues, it is important to let the spa know ahead of time, particularly if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, a heart condition, or if you are undergoing cancer treatment.

When it comes to head massage and pregnancy, many spas refuse to treat women who are in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is best to consult with your doctor before booking an appointment and always let the spa know you are pregnant. See our pregnancy guides for more information.

Where can I enjoy a relaxing spa head massage?

Head massage treatments are widely available at spas nationwide. They can be booked as a standalone treatment or may be included as part of a spa day or spa break package. Here are just a few of our favourites:

- The Crowne Plaza Reading East in Berkshire offers a Spa Day with Indian Head Massage, which features a 25-minute scalp treatment. If you’d prefer to share the experience, you can book the Indian Head Massage for Two Spa Day.

- Carnoustie Golf Hotel and Spa in Angus offers a Spa Lunch for One package that features the choice of treatments, including a 30-minute scalp massage. 

- Aqueous Spa at Doxford Hall Hotel in Northumberland offers an Afternoon Tea and Spa Treatment package, which includes the choice of a 25-minute Indian head massage.

- Our men/"s Pamper Day voucher, redeemable at 10 locations nationwide, includes a 30-minute scalp massage.

To find out more or to book your next spa experience, contact the SpaSeekers’ team today.

At which luxury spas can I enjoy a relaxing head massage?

We offer deluxe packages that feature a head massage at a selection of our exclusive 4- and 5-star hotels. Our luxury spa hotels offer a bespoke pampering experience amid wonderfully tranquil surroundings. So, you can really leave the world outside and enjoy some well-deserved indulgence. The fabulous luxury spas where you can enjoy a calming scalp massage as an inclusive or optional treatment include:

- The 5-star Landmark Spa and Health Club in Marylebone, Greater London. The Dreamy Head to Toe Spa Day package includes a 50-minute scalp massage with a lower leg to feet massage. You can also upgrade to a luxurious aromatic massage (supplement applies).

- The superbly chic K West Hotel & K Spa in West Kensington, Greater London. The Feel Good Spa Day offers the choice of one luxurious 30-minute treatment, including a delightful baobab hair and scalp treatment. The package also features a delicious light lunch, among its other inclusions.

- The serene Champneys Forest Mere Health Spa in Liphook, Hampshire. The Exclusive 1 Night Sunday Spa Break offers the option of a restful 25-minute Champneys ‘head in the clouds’ scalp massage. The package boasts plenty of wonderful luxury inclusions, such as access to 20 fitness & wellbeing classes, accommodation, and all meals during your break, including lunch on the day of departure.

As you can see, our luxury spa packages are designed to pamper, with a relaxing scalp massage providing some wonderfully soothing downtime in unique 4- and 5-star surroundings.


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