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Welcome to the SpaSeekers’ guides, which cover everything you need to know about getting the most from your next spa experience. Whether you’re a first-timer looking for information on basic spa etiquette or a seasoned spa-goer seeking advice on a specific topic, you should find the information you need. In this introduction, we help you navigate around our guides and answer a few basic frequently asked questions (FAQs).


In this section, we set out all you need to know about choosing and enjoying a spa treatment. Our guides cover the different types of spa treatment available for your face and body. We also have a selection of posts aimed at giving your beauty regime a boost. We start here with an overview of some frequently asked questions (FAQs) concerning spa treatments.

Travel guides

In this section, we take a look at some great locations across the UK where you can find a selection of our 500+ spas. Spas offer the perfect opportunity to combine relaxation and pampering with sightseeing and exploring. So, we’ve put together a collection of travel guides that will hopefully inspire you to discover somewhere new or to rediscover a favourite destination…


Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking some well-deserved spa relaxation, our inspiration guides have got you covered. From golfing spa breaks to elegant spa afternoon teas, we highlight some options for your next spa day or spa break. We also offer advice on getting the most from your next spa experience.

Frequently asked questions

To help you get the most out of your spa experience, we’ve provided answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs). Many of our customers have questions about basic spa etiquette, so we hope this guide helps to put some concerns and anxieties to rest. You can also find links to some of our other guides, which explore the topics in more detail.


Pregnancy can be a time of joy, excitement and anxiety - a true rollercoaster ride of emotions! This can sometimes take a toll on mental and physical health. The idea of a spa break or a spa treatment during pregnancy can be ideal, but the reservations of knowing what is safe for you and the baby can be a struggle. We have a range of spa deals that are tailored for mums-to-be that are not only safe for you and the baby, but are designed to focus on places that need that extra bit of attention. Read our guides to see what spa breaks and spa treatments are safe for pregnancy.