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Undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment is often the time when extra indulgence and pampering is required the most. Find a Jennifer Young spa near you.

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West Midlands

Macdonald Hill Valley Hotel Golf and Spa Swimming Pool

Whitchurch, Shropshire

Macdonald Hill Valley Hotel, Golf & Spa

Everything about this stunning Shropshire retreat is geared towards complete and utter relaxation

From £35.00 per person


Oswestry/Croeswallt, Shropshire

Lion Quays Hotel & Spa

A perfect location, a welcoming atmosphere and some truly stunning facilities combine to create the perfect spa experience at Lion Quays

From £69.00 per person


DoubleTree by Hilton Sheffield Park Hotel Swimming Pool

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

DoubleTree by Hilton Sheffield Park

The fabulous Sheffield Park offers a number of excellent features to be enjoyed, including:

From £40.00 per person

South West

Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel Indoor Swimming Pool

Bath, Somerset

Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel

Everything you need for total relaxation can be found at the majestic Macdonald Bath Spa

From £65.00 per person

East Midlands

 Ringwood Hall Hotel and Spa Pool and Thermal Area

Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa

The exceptional Ringwood Hall Hotel is simply gorgeous , It boasts many impressive features, including:

From £70.00 per person

North West

Chill Out Spa Relaxation Lounge

Knowsley, Merseyside

Chill Out Spa

There's a wonderful sense of seclusion at the Chill Out Spa, which helps to make it the perfect place for those seeking peace and serenity

From £75.00 per person

Macdonald Old England Hotel & Spa Swimming Pool

Windermere, Cumbria

Macdonald Old England Hotel & Spa

This gorgeous retreat is to be found in one of the most picturesque locations of all, and it provides the perfect backdrop to complete and utter relaxation

From £94.50 per person

South East

 Natural Light at The Holiday Inn Guildford Pool and Jacuzzi

Guildford, Surrey

Natural Light Wellness Spa

The idyllic Natural Light at The Holiday Inn Guildford is so relaxing, It has many superb features, including:

From £85.00 per person

Alexander House Hotel & Utopia Spa Pool

East Grinstead, West Sussex

Alexander House Hotel & Utopia Spa

This gorgeous 17th Century Sussex spa hotel is so exclusive that it even has its very own range of designer spa toiletries

From £150.00 per person


What is Jennifer Young?

Founded in 2013, The Jennifer Young Collections are recognised as the leading specialist skincare products for those living with and beyond cancer. In addition, Jennifer Young has created accredited protocols for oncology touch therapies everywhere from spas to hospitals.


Spa Despite Cancer

Jennifer Young ensures that anyone being treated for, living with, or recovering from cancer, receives the skincare and wellbeing support they need and deserve in a safe and meaningful way, through products they can use at home, as well as therapies delivered by spa therapists, beauticians, aestheticians and healthcare practitioners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do massages spread cancer cells?

No, massage does not spread cancer cells. Cancer can move to different parts of the body but the mechanism is a genetic mutation, not touch.

However, many are concerned that touch can spread cancer, the cancer council of Australia explain,

‘Some people worry that massage can spread cancer cells throughout the body via ……a network of vessels, organs and nodes through which lymphatic fluid (lymph) flows Lymphatic circulation occurs naturally as we move.

Cancer may spread (metastasise) into the lymphatic system via the lymph nodes, or it may start in the lymphatic system itself. However, the circulation of lymph – from massage or other movement – does not cause cancer to spread. Researchers have shown that cancer develops and spreads because of changes to a cell’s DNA (genetic mutations) and other processes in the body.’

Why do some spa's turn away cancer patients

Oncology massage and other touch treatments for cancer patients are not covered by entry-level spa-therapy training. Anyone completing a beauty or holistic qualification will be taught not to touch anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Therapists require specialist qualifications to be able to deliver touch treatments to those living with and beyond cancer.

A spa which turns away a cancer patient, or clients who have received a cancer diagnosis in the past, has not provided specialist training to their therapists.

As a result, the therapists will not have an awareness of the challenges faced following a diagnosis, nor will they know how to adapt their treatments accordingly.

What about reflexology treatments, manicures and pedicures

All treatments and therapies for those affected by cancer requires a specialist qualification. There are steps which must be taken during a session with someone in treatment which, whilst good practice for all, are not as significant to others.

For example, many cancer patients have compromised immunity, making them more vulnerable to infection than others. Manicures and pedicures are relatively invasive procedures and robust infection control is vital. Reflexology, manicures and pedicures are wonderful therapies for those affected by cancer, but only when delivered by an expert, specially qualified therapist.