The perfect spa treatment leaves us feeling beautiful both on the inside and out. Whilst we all love our local spa, the world is full of wellness retreats where you can be pampered in true paradise. With travel restrictions lifting, people are once again pulling out their bucket lists and seeking the very experiences and memories that make travelling so appealing. 

SpaSeekers has created an index of spas around the world to give you 30 remote spa retreats to add to your bucket list. Using Instagram hashtag volume and Google search data, we found the most Instagrammable spas around the world as well as spas that are the most in-demand this year. Because now more than ever, we need some indulgence...

The Top 10 most Instagrammable Spas in the World


Name of Spa


Number of Hashtags

Blue Lagoon Iceland
Szechenyi Baths
La Mamounia
Utah (USA)
Al Maha Spa
Thermalbad Spa
Miramonti Boutique Hotel
Dinarobin Golf & Spa


1. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Topping our list is the world-renowned Blue Lagoon in Iceland. With its instantly recognisable deep blue waters, the Blue Lagoon has over 104,676 hashtags on Instagram, with thousands of posts dedicated to the natural geothermal spa. 

The naturally occurring minerals in the lagoon water are said to have medicinal properties, which can help skin conditions such as psoriasis as well as mental revitalisation. So it’s no surprise that people around the world are yearning to soak in the scenic spa, with over 1,980,000 Google searches for the lagoon globally in the past year.

(image source: Blue Lagoon)


2. Szechenyi Baths, Budapest

Szechenyi Baths, Budapest

The second-most Instagrammable spa in the world is the Szechenyi Baths in Budapest. The heated outdoor baths are one of the most visited attractions in Budapest, and Szechenyi is the largest medicinal bath in Europe. With freshwater supplied by two thermal springs, the water is a relaxing temperature of 77°C, perfect to soak in on a hot day after seeing the sights of Budapest.

It has over 68,230 hashtags on Instagram and has been searched for over 64,800 times in the past year. 

(image source: Hello JetLag)


3. La Mamounia, Morocco

La Mamounia, Morocco

We found that La Mamounia in Morocco is the third most Instagrammable spa in the world. With its walls covered in the signature Moroccan mosaic, it’s no surprise that La Mamounia has over 50,638 hashtags on Instagram and is a popular spot with influencers. 

As well as choosing from over 80 traditional spa treatments, visitors can soak in the traditional Hammams; huge steam baths which are a staple for relaxation in Morocco.

(image source: Uniq Hotels)

4. Amangiri, USA


With over 25,955 hashtags, Amangiri is the fourth most Instagrammable spa in the world. Set amid 600 acres of red desert, the Amangiri spa in Utah is a secluded paradise unlike any other. 

Visitors can drink in the views of the desert and open canyons whilst soaking in the outdoor pool or receiving a relaxing deep tissue massage. 

(image source: Globetrender)

5. Aquadome, Austria

Aqua Dome, Austria

The Aquadome in the Austrian Alps is an architectural masterpiece. Open all year round, you can bask in the moonshine whilst bathing in the mineral-rich water. 

Sitting on the sight of 16th-century baths revered for their healing springs, the Aquadome has 22,843 hashtags on Instagram, making it the fifth most Instagrammable spa in the world. 

(image source: Aquadome)

6. Al Maha Spa, Dubai

Al Maha Spa, Dubai (1)

With golden desert views from the outdoor pools, it’s no surprise that visitors to the Al Maha Spa want to photograph its beauty. The desert resort is a jewel in the crown of Dubai’s luxury hospitality offering, and the exposure to nature in all of its glory makes visiting a truly magical experience. 

With 19,107 Instagram hashtags, the Al Maha Spa in Dubai is the sixth-most Instagrammable spa in the world. 

(image source: Time Out Dubai)

7. Thermalbad Spa, Switzerland

Thermalbad Spa, Switzerland

With the essence of ancient Roman-Irish bathing culture, Thermalbad provides an elegant spa experience in the heart of Zürich. 

With its rooftop baths showing beautiful views over Zürich and cavernous cellars which were once a brewery, this spa oozes history and character. It has over 13,066 hashtags on Instagram and should be on every spa lovers bucket list. 

(image source: Zurich Tourism)

8. Miramonti Boutique Hotel, Italy

Miramonti Boutique Hotel, Italy

A truly tranquil experience nestled between mountains, this spa offers a mind-freeing experience. Swim under the stars and unwind in the forest sauna overlooking mountains. 

Complete with an infinity pool with a view of the forest, visitors have plenty of invigorating spa treatments to choose from. From skin detoxes to mud massages, you’ll leave the Miramonti spa feeling like a new person. With the breathtaking beauty of the Italian mountains, it’s clear to see why guests want to capture it, with over 7,759 hashtags on Instagram.

(image source: Secret Places)

9. Sanará, Mexico

Meaning ‘you will heal’, the Sanará is a world-class luxury resort offering a wealth of healing programs and rejuvenating spa experiences including holistic treatments, mud and clay detox therapy and reflexology. 

These can be enjoyed on the serene beach setting with the natural soundtrack of the crashing waves.  Visitors are encouraged to walk barefoot in the sand to truly be at one with nature. Located in the heart of Mexico, Sanará spa has been hashtagged 6,492 times on Instagram. 

(image source: AFAR)

10. Dinarobin Golf & Spa, Mauritius

Dinarobin Golf & Spa, Mauritius

Dinarobin Golf & Spa is the ultimate tropical paradise. With outdoor pools nestled between towering palm trees and exotic flowers, this spa is a stone’s throw from the powdery white sands and crystal clear waters of the beach.

Its tranquil atmosphere marries perfectly with the idyllic surroundings. There are views of lush green mountains from the outdoor pools, where you can bathe in bliss under a canopy of palm trees.

A dream experience for lovers of luxury, Dinarobin is the tenth most Instagrammable spa in the world to add to your bucket list with 6,338 hashtags.

(image source Luxury Link)


The top twenty most in-demand spas of 2021 

Using Google Search Trends, SpaSeekers looked into which remote spa resorts saw the biggest increase, and therefore biggest demand in 2021. 

Name od Spa
Google Search Trend (Across last 12 month)
1 Al Maha Spa Dubai 800%
2 Naia Spa Belize  414% 
3 Bagni Di Pisa Italy 400%
4 Maya Spa Mexico 357% 
5 The Ranch Malibu USA  260% 
6 Geosea Geothermal Sea Baths Iceland  255% 
7 Como Maalifushi Maldives  247% 
8 Aro Ha Retreats New Zealand  238% 
9 Coqui Coqui Coba Mexico  233% 
10  Selman Marrakech Marrakech  175% 
11  Ananda in the Himalayas India   175%
12  Mii Amo USA  132% 
13  Masqi the Energy House Spain  129% 
14  Sha Wellness Clinic Spain  128% 
15  Montage Kapalua Bay Hawaii  125% 
16  Amangiri Utah  124% 
17  Four Seasons Nam Hai Vietnam  60% 
18  Euphoria Retreat Greece  60% 
19  Four Seasons Resort Landaa Giraavaru Maldives  56% 
20  Tri Lanka Sri Lanka  52% 

1. Al Maha Spa, Dubai

The Al Maha Spa in Dubai is 2021’s most in-demand spa, with a Google search increase of 800% over the past year. Part of a luxurious spa resort in the desert, it’s a secluded oasis nestled amongst golden sand dunes and palm groves. 

As well as the glorious surroundings, visitors can enjoy holistic and traditional spa treatments practised in the region for centuries.

(Image Source: Time Out Dubai)


2. Naia Spa, Belize

With a 414.% increase in Google searches in the past year, the Naia Spa is the second-most in-demand of 2021. Located on the coast of Belize under a canopy of lush green palm trees, the spa offers signature spa rituals and personal wellness programs using native plants, flowers and botanicals. 

Infusing the natural magic of the island with each treatment, this is the perfect spa location for nature lovers.

(Image Source: Luxury Latin America)


3. Bagni Di Pisa, Italy

Bagni Di Pisa has experienced a 400% increase in Google searches since last year, making it the third most in-demand spa on our list. A dream destination for those seeking revitalisation, the ancient spa has its pools and hot tubs filled with water from a nearby thermal hot spring. This means visitors benefit from the wealth of naturally occurring minerals for a truly purifying experience. 

Set in the beautiful location of Tuscany in Italy, a trip to the Bagni Di Pisa spa will leave you feeling as refreshed and serene as its surroundings. 

(Image Source: Citalia)


4. Maya Spa, Mexico 

Located in the heart of Mexico, Maya Spa is a unique haven that infuses ancient practices and culture throughout its treatments and wellness programs. With a stunning backdrop of mountains, visitors can unwind whilst taking in the breathtaking beauty of the Mexico subterranean setting.

Its wealth of wellness treatments that aim to calm the soul as well as the body only enhance the eco-spa’s tranquil nature and surroundings. It’s no surprise that searches for Maya Spa have increased 357% over the past year.

(Image Source: palisadehotelyubacity)


5. The Ranch Malibu, USA


The Ranch Malibu, USA (1)

A luxury fitness and wellness retreat, Ranch Malibu promotes personal awareness throughout its 200 acres of Californian mountains. An ideal spot for those with busy lifestyles, the retreat aims to remove people from the distractions of everyday life and bustling cities. It’s the perfect environment to focus on fitness, detoxification and mindfulness.

Following the stresses of the past year, it’s clear to see why people are seeking the very experience Ranch Malibu offers, with a 260% increase in searches over the past 12 months.

(Image Source: CN Traveler) 


Paradise on your doorstep

You needn't travel far for an out of this world spa experience. If our selection of bucket list spas has left you yearning for some indulgent pampering, try a visit to The Shrigley Hall Hotel or The Cottonmill Spa at Sopwell House

Both have luxurious outdoor pools, with Shrigley Hall overlooking a beautiful tree-lined view and The Cottonmill being set amid 12 acres of tranquil Hertfordshire countryside. One soak and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re in true paradise.

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