What to expect from luxurious and relaxing vitality pools

A vitality pool is one of the most popular and beneficial spa facilities. Slipping into the warm water and letting the massaging jets relieve built-up stress and tension is guaranteed to leave you feeling fully rested and revived.

 Hayfield Manor Hotel Swimming Pool
What is a vitality pool?

A vitality pool, also referred to as a spa pool or hydrotherapy (hydro) pool, is similar to a hot tub or Jacuzzi but larger in size – but smaller than a swimming pool. Depending on the spa you visit, the vitality pool may be found inside or outside (some venues have both). The depths of spa vitality pools vary, but they are usually around 1.3m (4.7ft). They are designed for you to sit and relax or perform simple movements. Vitality pools feature built-in jets and water features of varying pressures that offer a massage function, which is why they are so good at promoting relaxation and de-stressing the body.

Who can benefit from a vitality pool?

As well as being a great way for couples to enjoy some relaxing quality time on a romantic getaway, one of the main benefits of a spa vitality pool is that it can reduce stress. Once the warm water and massaging jets work their magic, you’ll feel your muscles relax and tensions melt away. Whether you’ve been busy at work or are going through a difficult period, a little time spent unwinding in a vitality pool can work wonders to rejuvenate and revitalise. Vitality pools can also be a great way to help your body to recover from a workout or sports session.

There are some people for whom a vitality pool is not recommended. For example, if you’re pregnant, have had recent surgery, have a respiratory infection, cardiovascular disease, or high blood pressure, we would advise checking with a doctor. For all spa-goers, it is recommended to avoid eating a large meal or drinking alcohol ahead of your session in the vitality pool.

How does a vitality pool work?

Vitality pools harness the wellness properties of water, offering a combination of heat, massage and movement that can ease tired bodies and relieve stress. The temperature of a vitality pool can reach around 33C (91F) to 38C (100F), which may sound toasty but is comfortable and ensures you get the full benefits. The specially designed jets, pumps and water features target different areas of the body, applying just the right pressure to massage and relax the muscles. The benefits of hydrotherapy as a treatment extend to healing. Indeed, sessions in a hydrotherapy or vitality pool can aid in the rehabilitation process for some injuries and joint issues. But it is important that this is done under medical supervision and guidance.

Vitality pools in the UK

Ready to take the plunge? Take a look at some of our favourite UK spas with a vitality pool:

Alexander House Hotel & Utopia Spa, Turners Hill, West Sussex: One of our fantastic five-star luxury spa hotels, here you can look forward to pure relaxation amid serene surroundings. The facilities include an indoor swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool, and bubble tub. Book now.

Best Western Heronston Hotel, Bridgend, Cardiff: Located between Cardiff and Swansea, this laidback spa hotel is ideal for a relaxed spa day or overnight break. You can enjoy facilities including a heated indoor swimming pool and inviting spa pool. Book now.

Macdonald Berystede Hotel & Spa, Ascot, Berkshire: Escape to glorious Berkshire at this superb spa hotel, part of the popular Macdonald family of resorts. In addition to a lovely swimming pool, the facilities include a wonderful outdoor hydrotherapy pool. Book now.

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa, Bath, Somerset: More five-star luxury awaits you at this fine spa hotel that boasts a wonderful city location in a stunning Georgian crescent. In addition to a relaxation pool [link to guide], you can enjoy the vitality pool with massage jets. Book now.

Moddershall Oaks Health Spa, Stone, Staffordshire: This property is another of our fine luxury spa hotels, offering a range of superb indoor and outdoor leisure facilities. Relax in the welcoming outdoor heated vitality spa pool or the indoor hydrotherapy pool. Book now.

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