With veganism gaining in popularity, spas are getting in on the act. You can now enjoy spa packages that feature vegan products, spa treatments, and dining options. In this guide, we take a look at the benefits of visiting a vegan spa. We also highlight a few vegan spa packages to give you some inspiration.

What is veganism?

The vegan lifestyle excludes anything derived from animals, birds or fish. While you may be familiar with going vegan in terms of diet, you may not know that veganism extends to other areas. These include choosing clothing and beauty products that are free from animal products or animal-derived ingredients.

Many traditional beauty products feature ingredients derived from animals. For example beeswax, animal-based collagen, lanolin (from sheep’s wool) and carmine (from cochineal beetles). These ingredients are used to provide texture and colour or to add specific properties. Vegan products are free from all animal-derived ingredients. Instead, they use plant-based alternatives.

It is worth noting that vegan and cruelty-free are not the same things. Vegan refers to the actual ingredients that go into a product, while cruelty-free refers to the process of testing those ingredients and the final product before it is sold to consumers. So, if you want to ensure a product is both, it is important to check. 

There are lots of websites and blogs that maintain up-to-date lists of vegan and cruelty-free brands, products and ingredients. Including PetaCruelty-Free International and Vegan Society.

What is a vegan spa?

A vegan spa will offer the choice of treatments that use products free from animal-derived ingredients. There will also be vegan options on the menu in the restaurant or café. Of course, vegan spas welcome all guests, whether vegan or not, and will have non-vegan options.

Note: Always feel free to ask if you have any concerns ahead of your visit to ensure your chosen spa can accommodate your needs.

The benefits of visiting a vegan spa

Veganism and wellness go hand-in-hand, so a vegan spa offers the perfect setting in which to enjoy a few hours of holistic pampering and relaxation.

Vegan spas give guests who embrace veganism the opportunity to enjoy spa pampering, safe in the knowledge that they are not compromising their choice of lifestyle.

Many people like to opt for veganism on a casual basis, rather than as a permanent lifestyle choice. For example, each January, the Veganuary movement encourages everyone to go animal-free for a month. If you like the idea of giving veganism a try, you don’t have to wait until January. A vegan spa package can kickstart a temporary – or even a permanent – change in lifestyle at any time of the year.

For everyone else, vegan spas simply offer extra options, so you can tailor your spa experience to suit your preferences and maybe even try something new.

Vegan spa brands

There are lots of skincare brands that have developed vegan products, either exclusively or as part of their wider range. Here are just a few spa brands that have embraced the vegan-friendly trend:

- Elemis: One of the more popular and well-known luxury spa brands, Elemis offers a vegan-friendly plant-based Superfood Skincare range.

- Natural Spa Factory: This brand, based in Bath, offers a wide range of vegan-friendly products for the body, face and hair.

- Clarins: This major luxury spa brand recently launched its My Clarins range of products, which are all vegan-friendly and tailored for younger skin.

- Champneys: This luxury spa group offers a wide range of vegan-friendly products that are available to use at home to complement your vegan beauty regime.

- ESPA: Many of ESPA’s luxury products for the skin and face are vegan-friendly, including cleansers, serums and all the products in its bath and body oil range.

A selection of vegan spa packages

To give you an idea of what’s on offer, we’ve selected some great vegan spa packages, which you might like. These packages combine pampering spa treatments, relaxing spa facilities, and other inclusions to give you a taste of vegan spa indulgence.

- Lea Marston Hotel in the West Midlands offers an Elemis Vegan Spa Day. You will enjoy a 55-minute Elemis Superfood facial and access to the spa’s leisure facilities. The package also features a two-course lunch.

- Barnham Broom Hotel Spa & Golf in Norfolk offers aVegan Spa Journey package. In addition to full access to the leisure facilities, you will enjoy a 55-minute back exfoliation and back massage, followed by a mini facial with a scalp massage. The spa day also features a vegan afternoon tea with loose-leaf herbal tea.

- Mallory Court Hotel in Warwickshire offers a Morning Vegan Half Spa Day. The package features a 55-minute Kundalini back treatment, plus access to the leisure facilities, which include a hydrotherapy pool, outdoor vitality pool, thermal suite and fitness suite. You will also enjoy a two-course lunch and a glass of bubbly. Arrive from 9:30am and enjoy the spa’s facilities until 2pm. Not a morning person? Opt for the Afternoon Vegan Half Spa Day, which has the same inclusions but with a 2:30pm arrival time and departure by 7pm.

- Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa on Merseyside offers a 1 Night Vegan Vacation Spa Break. The package features a 35-minute non-therapist vegan mud Rasul spa treatment, plus full use of the leisure facilities. You will also enjoy overnight accommodation, a £30 credit (per person) towards dinner in the hotel’s brasserie, and a vegan breakfast on the morning of your departure.

Ready to book your next vegan spa package, or simply have more questions about vegan spas? Give our customer service team a call today.

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