City breaks are ideal for relaxation, culture, and, of course, romantic getaways. if you're thinking about a holiday with your other half, where's the best place to go? we analysed the cities around the world to work out which ones are best to visit if you/"re looking to channel that loving feeling.

Our new Worldwide Romantic Index ranks 66 cities around the globe based on how romantic they are. We created an index score for each city by combining five factors:

  • The city where you're most likely to get proposed to, based on 118,000 #engaged #heproposed and #isaidyes worldwide posts on Instagram in the last 6 months
  • Marriage rates in each city
  • LGBT dating scene in each city based on a worldwide study by Nestpick
  • How sexually active people are in each city based on a study of 450,000 adults
  • How many people are feeling romantic, based on social media posts

What's the world's best city for love?