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Everything you need to know about Moroccan spa treatments

Visiting a spa gives you the opportunity to try something new and exotic. In this article, we take a closer look at some popular Moroccan spa treatments and give you a few ideas of where you can go to enjoy these relaxing rituals.

Moroccan hammam steam

More than a simple sauna, the hammam steam is a spa experience like no other! Traditional Moroccan hammams put the emphasis on intense heat and steam, so you can be sure each of your pores will be opened and cleansed. Rather than just sitting in a steam room, the hammam steam incorporates products, exfoliation and massage to leave you feeling rejuvenated from head to toe. You start by being lathered with an olive-based soap, which penetrates your skin as you get all steamy. You then ‘enjoy’ a robust exfoliation, followed by a soothing massage. Some spas in the UK may put their own twist on the traditional steam, so, once you’ve selected your spa, it’s a good idea to call ahead to check what’s involved.

Tip: Those who are pregnant, have high blood pressure and certain other medical conditions are generally advised to avoid the hammam. Ask your doctor for advice and make the spa aware of any medical condition when you book.

Spas packages you might like:

The Casa Day Spa on London’s Edgware Road offers a Hydro Power Hammam Day that includes a hammam steam, rhassoul chocolate mud mask and even complimentary Moroccan tea and sweets.

Moroccan mud treatment

This is a ritualistic treatment that involves covering yourself with nourishing mud! Also called a rhassoul clay or mud treatment, again, it is enjoyed in a steamy environment. This is quite an unusual spa treatment in that it often doesn’t involve a therapist. Instead, you help yourself to the mud and spread it on your body while you are in the steam room. There may be showers in the room, or the spa will have a separate area in which you can clean off the mud. As well as relaxation, this treatment has all kinds of benefits, including calming skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, removing dead skin cells, hydrating the skin and tightening the pores.

Tip: The mud can stain clothing, so don’t wear your best designer swimwear for this treatment!

Spa packages you might like:

The May Fair Hotel in Westminster offers a Moroccan Mud Ritual for Two that includes a one-hour cleansing mud treatment and an additional hour to use the leisure facilities. This package is also on offer at two Radisson Blu Edwardian hotels, in Manchester and London’s New Providence Wharf.

Moroccan argan oil

A rare elixir extracted from the nut of the argan tree, this wonderous oil has become a firm beauty favourite. Often promoted as being good for the hair, the oil is also great for the skin. Some spas now even incorporate it into their face and body treatments. Suitable for all skin types, the oil contains lots of nourishing properties, including omega fatty acids and vitamin E, which can leave your skin soft and moisturised.

Tip: If you’re saving up for your next spa day, argan oil products are a great choice for a DIY home spa.

Spas packages you might like:

The Moroc Spa at Sands Resort Hotel and Spa in Newquay offers a little taste of Morocco in Cornwall, including a Moroccan lounge in which to enjoy some traditional mint tea. Optional treatments include the argan oil face and head ritual.

If you’re ready to book these, or any other of our spa days and packages, or you would simply like more information, why not get in touch with our experts today?

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