Who’s your ideal?

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Who’s your ideal?

Who do you want to look like when you have a beauty treatment? Do you have anyone in mind or do you, like me, just want to look like a better-groomed version of who you already are? I’m always quite sad when I read about people having cosmetic surgery or treatments so that they can look more like a celeb – but according to hair and beauty professionals, the average beauty treatment client wants Cheryl Cole’s hair and eyelashes, combined with a tan like Katie Price's (really?) as well as funky nails like Rihanna and Angelina Jolie’s bee-stung lips.

It’s quite hard to imagine that combination, but I’m sure with a little creativity and some expertise in Photoshop, someone could come up with it…

Amy Childs' Towie tan also impressed 11 per cent of people who took part in the survey. Clearly, the only way is an Essex fake tan! Jessie J, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry also provide a bit of inspiration for nails. I confess I adore their hair, Jessie J’s poker-straight dip dye and Katy Perry’s purple locks are so cool. Even if they are wigs.

When it comes to the men, nearly half of the people surveyed by Salon Services, who provide hair and beauty products to salons and spas, said that David Beckham was their inspiration when it comes to most male grooming - hair, facial hair and tanning too. I can see the appeal…

So who are your grooming and beauty heroes? Or do you just like to be individual?

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