Manicures: a guide to the top autumn nail colours

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Nail trends for Autumn

I love getting my nails done, and nails have got so exciting since I used to write for ‘Nails Plus’ back in 2000! Until I worked on that magazine I had no idea that an entire monthly publication for nail-techs and enthusiasts could even exist. It started a long love affair with all things nail-related, and even though my own sorry efforts tend to be a bit lacklustre due to the excessive amount of time spent bashing out words on my laptop, I love other people’s.

Did you see Rebecca Adlington’s gorgeous Union Jack nail wraps at the Olympics? I seriously covet nails like that, they were amazing. Meanwhile, a little nail-obsessed birdie told me that this season it’s all going to be about four major trends. The first one, dear to my heart, is chocolate. If you fancy a super-strong Shellac manicure, CND Shellac is launching a gorgeous palette later this year that includes six delicious tea and chocolate inspired shades.

The metallic trend shows no signs of going out of style, with some of the top nail brands coming up with the goods. Check out Mavala’s Heavy Metals collection for some fashion-inspired shades or Biosculpture’s Rock and crystal collection for inspiration.

We’re all hopeful about the weather, but if the nearest we get to warmth come September is a brightly coloured Indian Summer nail colour, so be it. Jessica have jumped on this trend with the fabulously sexy Spicy dream collection with cinnamon, ginger and crimson. Sounds good enough to eat but will look good enough to stop you nibbling!

The perennial Goth look is back with a vengeance with darkly sophisticated colour combos that will make your nails look glamorous and seductive. Forget vampish red, the dark navy and purple evoke night time glamour and OPI is in there with the Germany collection which features darker shades like ‘Every month is Oktoberfest’ as well as neutral taupe ‘Berlin there, done that’, and dark, dark grey ‘Nein Nein Nein’

Whichever trend you go for, wear you talons with pride this season…(and that reminds me, I must get a manicure…)

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