Ditch that Morning Coffee?

Ditch that Morning Coffee?
Ditch that Morning Coffee?

What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? My habit is to wake up, make a coffee and check all my emails on my phone while I drink it in bed. But the ritual wouldn't be the same without a steaming mug of coffee, and it has to be a Tassimo pod coffee too, none of this instant nonsense (buying a coffee machine ruined me for instant…)

I always assumed my habit was pretty harmless in the great scheme of things, but the researchers who are determined to make everything we enjoy bad for us have said that if we need our morning cuppa to get us going in the morning, we should stop drinking coffee altogether because we’re clearly addicted to caffeine!

I have to admit that when I read that I did think to myself “There are many worse things I could be addicted to” – but apparently, Peter Rogers, professor of biological psychology at Bristol University and a caffeine expert, has been studying the effects of our favourite pick-me-up for twenty years and no longer touches it, believing that we’re all in the grip of a mass drug dependency. That fuzzy-headed feeling you get first thing in the morning isn’t just waking up, he says it’s withdrawal symptoms.

Don’t fret if you can’t stand the thought of giving up your coffee though, all is not lost. Other research has shown that coffee isn’t so bad for you after all – in fact drinking tea and coffee regularly can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, and even help Parkinson's.

A large study published last year, suggested that up to four cups of coffee a day could reduce your risk of heart failure.

So…on balance, I think I’ll keep the caffeine addiction for now!

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