Could a spa break be an antidote to Contagious Stress?

Could a spa break be an antidote to Contagious Stress?
Could a spa break be an antidote to Contagious Stress?

Are you feeling stressed out? Do you start off every day feeling just fine but once you get into the office, start feeling inexplicably wound-up? Well, you might be ‘catching’ stress from your workmates, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s a perfect excuse for a spa day.

If you don’t believe that stress can be contagious – well think again. A study published last week actually came to the conclusion that it’s not colds and sniffles we need to beware of catching from our workmates but stress – because it’s actually as contagious as the common cold and what’s more scary, it’s even possible to ‘catch’ other people’s worries and anxieties.

Forget passive smoking, you could be getting passively stressed out! Psychologist Professor Elaine Hatfield told the Daily Mail last week that ‘passive’ or second-hand stress can spread really fast around a workplace. She said, “Whatever other people are feeling, we can catch their depression or anxiety and end up feeling the same way.”

Her study found that this ‘emotional contagion’ was more common in women because we’re prone to soaking up other people’s emotions. You know what I’m going to say now, don’t you? If you can ‘catch’ stress, you must be able to catch relaxation as well, so theoretically if you head off for a spa break you’ll be able to soak up the calming, chilled-out vibe of the spa and come away feeling the collective contented sigh of a happy spa clientele .

Worth a try? Spread your contagious relaxation to a friend and take someone who needs de-stressing on a Banntynes two-for-one spa day or make it a longer treat and go for a Sunday Night Girls night in at Crabwall Manor Hotel, Chester, where you and a buddy can enjoy a treatment and all the facilities – and you get a free bottle of bubbly and chocs too!

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