Spa Days For a Better Night Sleep

Most sleep experts will agree that the surroundings and events leading up to bedtime play a huge part in the quality of sleep that you’ll achieve when you finally hit the hay.

While it’s true all spa treatments are relaxing, choosing the right combination of treatments, meals and location may help you achieve a level of sleep you could only dream of. Booking into an overnight stay at the spa means that you can enjoy the treatments in a serene location that is continued into the night as you stay at one of our locations across the UK. 


Steam away the worries of the day at the sauna

Have you ever gone into a sauna and wondered why you felt tired and fatigued after coming out? That’s not just the heat having an effect on you, it’s also because saunas work wonders for increasing your body’s natural vital signs and inner workings.

Because your body effectively speeds up while in the sauna it means that you get tired faster, that means you’re likely to get a great night’s sleep after a trip to the sauna. Hopping into a sauna straight after visiting the gym can also be a great way to burn extra calories while soothing your muscles, meaning you’ll be even more tired yet comfortable come bedtime.

The comforting effects of the heat will also do a lot for your body to help ready it for sleep. Heat has properties that slow down the body in terms of movement, even altering your mood to a more laid back state of mind, to the point all you’ll probably want to do is lie down and take a long nap!

Massages for a better night’s sleep 

Notice how a good massage makes you want to nod off? Finishing off your day with a massage is a great way to ensure a decent night’s sleep. A good massage is a fantastic way to ‘reset’ your mind to point zero, helping ease anxiety, insomnia, hypertension and a wealth of other issues commonly caused by stress. 

This is done by releasing a chemical called Serotonin, which brings with it plenty of positive effects dictating positive attitude and outlook as well as physical health. When your mind is at ease, sleep will come more easily, as your mind becomes less transfixed on the day’s events and can instead enter the state needed to finally drift off. We’re all guilty of lying in bed and mentally compiling a list of everything we need to do the next day when we should be getting some shut-eye. The release of Serotonin prevents your mind to defaulting to this kind of thought pattern, allowing sleep to come more easily.

Unlock the potential of massage/ aromatherapy oils 

Different fragrances and essential oils used during a massage can also have a huge impact on your night’s sleep. Lavender and chamomile essential oils in particular are widely recommended for this use. Many of the oils used to help sleep can also be found in teas, thanks to their calming properties.

This works because many essential oils contain compounds that when inhaled alter your mood- as a result, this also makes them effective if used with a diffuser, which can help create a peaceful environment for your massage to take place.

Popular aromatherapy massage oils include:

  • Bergamot
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender



Three More Tips for Better Sleep 

Stop in at the gym 

Having a good exercise before heading to bed means that your body will be more naturally tired and ready for sleep. You don’t even need to do a full workout, just enough activity to wear you out should suffice, whether that means a 10 minute jog, some time on a spin bike or a dip in the pool.  

Many spas and hotels will give you access to their extensive gym facilities as well as some of the soothing spa treatments you’d expect to give you a good night’s sleep. Why not make the most of the opportunity and enjoy an hour-long gym session at some point during your stay to make your body really want to get as much sleep as you can fathom when you crawl into your bed at night.


Get away from it all 

Sometimes one of the best things you can do to create a stress-free environment for yourself is to indulge in entirely new surroundings, where you can completely do away with any responsibilities from your home and work life.

No matter where you live in the UK, our spa breaks are available at a variety of different locations. If you’re used to staying in the city, enjoy the tranquil scenery of the countryside. If you’re more accustomed to the greener areas of the UK, take a break to the city and wear yourself out on a night on the town before heading to bed. You might be amazed the difference being away from the noise of a main road or the light bleed from street lights can have on a night’s sleep.


Eat (sensibly), drink (in moderation) and be sleepy

After some gentle exercise and pampering, you’ll probably be ready to eat. Choosing a meal that isn’t too heavy and avoids excess amounts of sugar will all contribute to your sleeping pattern. An alcoholic drink with your meal or a nightcap before you go to bed can also act as the final ingredient needed to create the perfect night’s sleep.

Drinking alcohol too close to bedtime however can have a detrimental effect on your quality of sleep, so if you do have a nightcap, be sure to leave it long enough before going to bed, to allow your body to properly settle. 



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