SpaSeekers’ Male Grooming Survey: The Results

You may remember a while back we launched a male grooming survey (now closed) in order for SpaSeekers to learn more about the grooming habits of men in 2013.

Are men paying more attention to their appearance than ever before due to societal pressure? Are they wary of beauty and pampering products that are not marked ‘for men’? How long does it take the average lad to get ready for a big night out on the town?  Read the results of our survey below to find out.

Additionally, we will also be contacting the winner of the £190 men’s pamper pack very shortly, so keep an eye on your inbox if you were one of the 286 men who responded to our survey.


The Results





    • 72% of men polled agreed with the statement “There is more pressure on men to take pride in their appearance today, than five years ago.”






    • 84% of participants agreed they “feel more comfortable using grooming/beauty/pampering products and toiletries labelled ‘for men.’” We’re amazed six letters make such a difference!






    • Only 38% of heterosexual men admitted they borrow beauty products from their female partners. However, 75% of homosexual men readily admit to borrowing grooming items from their other halves.






    • The top five items men surveyed  borrow from their partners are:






    1. Moisturiser (57.61%)



    1. Shampoo and/or conditioner (46.74%)



    1. Tweezers (36.96%)



    1. Hand cream (31.52%)



    1. Lip balm (25%)







    • Apparently, 27% of men spend 10 minutes or less getting ready for a big night out. Just over 23% of men admitted to spending longer than 30 minutes preening themselves. The SpaSeekers’ ladies were surprised by the results of this question – why are our blokes forever hogging the bathroom mirror if they can get ready so quickly, hmmm?







    • It seems men generally stick to traditionally ‘masculine’ grooming habits, though we were pleasantly surprised 18% of men pluck or shape their eyebrows regularly. We were expecting a few more men to admit to regular fake tanning though!



Male grooming activities


What do you think of these survey results? We’d love you to tell us in the comments below.


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