Cheapest is not ALWAYS best!

Cheapest is not ALWAYS best!
Cheapest is not ALWAYS best!

We all love a bargain, and if you’re looking for a cheap spa deal you might be tempted to look at the Easter spa breaks available on mega-discount sites like Groupon. The only problem with going to voucher sites, though, is that they aren’t experts in spas, health or beauty treatments.

You might come away with a really low-priced spa day – but beware, because recently Groupon, who offer spa deals and beauty treatments on a regular basis, have been pulled up by the Office of fair trading for some ever-so-slightly dodgy practices. In some cases they have been caught out advertising mega cut-price deals that don’t exist, just to entice people into signing up to the website. Which then gives them more leeway to go to spas and salons, ask them for deals and say they have oodles of members! It’s all about making money for the websites, and in a lot of cases, the spas are expected to make a loss, while the voucher sites make all the profit.

Sometimes Groupon have been caught out exaggerating the availability of treatments and services, and they’ve also been criticised for the way they deal with refunds and complaints. Check out BBC News for more information.

If you’re looking for the perfect spa deal, you’re much better off coming to the experts at SpaSeekers. We have a dedicated team on hand to advise you on anything spa-related when you’re making a booking, and we work with the spas to make sure that you get the best deals and a fantastic experience. It’s up to you – we’re all a bit strapped for cash at the moment – but if you want a top-class spa experience, you know where to look first…

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