Catherine’s Bee Venom Spa Treatment

Catherine’s Bee Venom Spa Treatment

If you're wondering how the new Duchess of Cambridge managed to get such a luminous glow about her on her wedding day (well, apart from the fact she was marrying her handsome Prince of course) it could be that she had help from a UK spa treatment – it’s been rumoured that she's a convert to bee venom facials.

Last year the beauty and spa world went crazy for bee venom after Kate's step mother-in-law, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, confessed to using the bizarre sounding and very expensive facials. Beauty Therapist Deborah Mitchell was inundated with requests for treatments after she was revealed as the person behind the spa beauty treatment that was said to have left Camilla with something of a rosy glow about her.

It's rumoured that Kate also opted for a pre-wedding treatment, made from the venom of New Zealand bees, before her big day. It sounds unusual but I'd give it a go - it's supposed to be an alternative to Botox and if you hate needles (I'm not a fan of unnecessary pain myself) it's worth a try - although I can't guarantee it will work if you're trying to snare Harry...

It works by 'gently' stinging the skin, which makes it tingle and encourages blood to flow to the area. The cream is actually available online but it's pretty expensive as it's specially sourced from organic bee hives in New Zealand. I'm reliably informed that you can try a DIY version of the treatment if you collect common-or-garden stinging nettles, soak them in warm water, and mix them with honey and yoghurt... but if you prefer the official spa version of the treatment, I've found a couple of spas in the UK that offer a version of the bee venom spa facial without the mess - Body Tonix in York and Bliss Spa in Leeds.

Would you try a bee venom facial? Have you tried it? Let me know!

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