Something fishy this way comes

Something fishy this way comes

OK, so I know it’s the latest big thing, and they’re a great gimmick, but I really can’t bring myself to get excited about a fish spa pedicure. The latest thing for the newspapers to get steamed up about (it’s health and safety of course...) and beauty magazines to write enthusiastically about, the garra rufa fish pedicure has been touted as the wonder cure for all things feet related.

The little fish perform the role of a foot file with less mess as they nibble the dead skin away from the parts of your feet that you’ve had hidden in shoes all over the winter, leaving your tootsies baby soft and hard skin free. I can’t decide if this is a nice thing or not.

I visited the Vitality Show in London last month and spoke to some ladies who were having the fish spa treatment. They told me it wasn’t unpleasant at all, although it was slightly ticklish. The fish don’t bite - they aren’t piranhas - in fact they are toothless.

Apart from Champeys Springs, there aren’t any spas in the UK offering the fish pedicure as yet, it seems to be more of a novelty one-off treatment . I’ve seen dedicated fish pedicure spas on the high street, though and Superdrug have even latched on to the craze and opened a fish spa in their Kensington High Street branch, with manicures and pedicures on offer starting from £20.

If someone was to offer me the chance to review the fish pedicure, of course I’d have to investigate it, but I haven’t been tempted in just yet. Maybe when the sight of my winter worn feet get to me too much (I walk a lot, honest) I won’t be able to resist the temptation to let the fish at my feet. Would you give a fish pedicure a try? Have you tried it already? Tell me all about it, I’m curious...

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