Seven Day Nail Polish – bring it on!

Seven Day Nail Polish – bring it on!
Seven Day Nail Polish – bring it on!

If you’re like me and you love having pretty nails but don’t seem to have the time to keep a conventional manicure looking salon-perfect for more than – oh, five minutes – this one’s for you.

Shellac, GELeration and long-lasting spa manicures have been around for a few years now, which has given women with busy lives a great way of keeping their nails looking fabulous without resorting to artificial gels and acrylics, both of which aren’t that great for your natural nails.

The two week manicures are great – I have had them myself and love them – but they still require a trip to a spa or salon for both application and removal, which is time out of your day, and more expense of course. It’s lovely having a professional manicure, and I have to confess I can never quite get my right hand looking as neat as my left, but manicures are unfortunately one of those things that tends to get shoved down my list of priorities when I’m busy.

So I squealed with delight when I heard that CND Shellac is bringing out a brand new seven day polish, which has the look and feel of a professionally applied long lasting Shellac polish but without the need to make an appointment, sit with your hands under a UV lamp or visit the salon to have the polish soaked off in acetone (you didn't peel yours off, did you? I couldn't possibly condone that at all…)

Anyway, if your eyes lit up like mine did at that news, the new polish is called Vinylux and it’s out now. It costs less than £10 and it’s available in over 60 shades. The colour hardens more as it’s exposed to natural light, so you simply apply your favourite colour, add the special top coat and it dries in less than ten minutes. At the moment it’s only available to buy from salons, although you can also find some of the trial sets on eBay and Amazon, but it is designed to be a home-use product so watch this space, the chances are there will be other online beauty retailers selling it before too long.

I can’t wait to try it – I love having well looked after nails but when you’re a writer and spend all day tap tapping on a keyboard, normal ‘hard-wearing’ polishes just don’t cut it. I've already ordered a trial set so I’ll let you know how it goes…

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