Beauty tips: how to create your bridal beauty plan

Essential Bridal Beauty Boosts
Essential Bridal Beauty Boosts

Have you started getting the wedding invites for summer yet? Or are you excitedly planning the last details of your summer wedding? You've probably thought of what you’re going to do with your hair, the dress is sorted and the flowers arranged in advance, but what about your beauty treatments?

You need to plan ahead when you’re arranging the big day, so make sure you’ve got the following beauty essentials planned and booked!


It’s time for your close up! That face is going to be photographed so many times on the big day; you want to make sure you put your best face forward, if you know what I mean. Book yourself in for your favourite facial before the wedding, and a word of warning; don’t leave this part of the planning until the day before the ceremony, or you could end up with a breakout in the wedding photos. A few days to a week before the ceremony should be OK, unless you’ve got problem skin, in which case you could think about having a series of treatments in the months leading up to the wedding.

Body scrub:

A definite must for summer weddings if you’re wearing a strapless gown or dress that shows your arm. It’s also essential if you’re thinking of having a spray tan, you’ll get much better results with a spray or other fake tan if you have smooth skin to begin with. Try it at home with a salt scrub or body brush, or book in for a spa treatment and have it done in luxury…


For super smooth hair-free skin, which is what you want your new husband to find under the dress on the wedding night, book a waxing a week or so before the big day.

Manicure: Your hands will be on show during the ceremony and afterwards at the reception, as you flash the wedding band for photo-calls. Get a pristine pedicure a few days in advance and you’ll have pretty nails to match the sparkles.


There’s a reason why wedding make up services are so popular – it’s the one day you want to get that eyeliner flick perfect or wear a foundation that actually matches your skin tone properly! You could ask in department stores for a make-up tutorial, get some advice from the girls in the spa, or even have a make-up lesson in a salon, whichever you fancy. On the day, you can usually book make-up artists to come along to your home and make sure you look the part for the photos.

Couple time:

You mean there’s a groom, too? If you and your intended are feeling a bit stressed with all the planning and organising, melt all the pre-nuptial tension away with a spa day for two? Make sure you pick one with a massage included, and relax….

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