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Crimes against beauty!?

Woman removing makeup
Crimes against beauty?!

When I was a teenage girl, and an avid reader of Jackie Magazine and Just 17, it was drummed into me that the number one rule about skincare was to always, always, take my make up off before I went to bed. While most of the other things I read in Jackie magazine have disappeared into the vault marked ‘teenage nonsense’ in my brain, the make-up removal mantra has stayed with me all through my life. So much so, that when I read this week that most British women regularly don’t bother with the cleanser and toner routine before bedtime, I was actually quite shocked.

I’m not perfect, I’m sure there have been times (usually when I was younger and had been out clubbing until silly o clock) that the make-up stayed on until morning. But research from Specialist Make-up Services, experts in semi-permanent make up, showed that 79 per cent of women sheepishly ‘fessed up to not taking off their slap before crawling into bed at night on a regular basis. Some of them admitted that it was because they didn’t want their boyfriends to see them barenaked-faced, but come on girls, panda-eye mascara and smudged eyeliner is so not a good look.

Another poll by an online beauty retailer also showed that 73 per cent of men preferred their women made up all the time, and only 6 per cent prefer us natural! Maybe we should make them wear guyliner for a week and see how they like it, but I digress. That’s still no excuse for not taking it off, girls, so get yourself some gorgeous cleansing products (I love the delicious-smelling Elemis Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser) and get squeaky clean!.

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