Pregnancy Spa Guide

Mother and Baby, Nurturing Mother-to-Be, Beautiful Bump… Spas these days offer a great choice of pregnancy packages, pregnancy spa days and spa treatments specifically aimed at expectant mums in need of some TLC. Learning to relax is such a key part of ante-natal classes that a spa break makes absolute sense.

Most spas will only offer pregnancy treatments from the second term of pregnancy onwards so as not to pose a risk to mother and baby during the more vulnerable first three months. Some spas also restrict the spa treatments that they can offer after 32 weeks. Not surprising really, as a mum-to-be’s bump will be getting pretty big by then. The good news is that in properly trained spa hands, most healthy women can enjoy and benefit from pregnancy spa treatments in their second trimester.

Want to book a pregnancy spa package? Remember to let our booking team know how many weeks pregnant you are, so that we can find the most appropriate spa package for you. The safety and comfort of mother and baby is our priority.

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Pregnancy packages – what they include

Pregnancy packages vary – most will include a specialist body massage – depending on how far in to your pregnancy you are. Here are some of the most common treatments offered in pregnancy packages to help you get the most from your spa day:

  • pregnancy massage
    Most pregnancy packages tend to include a soothing body massage aimed at relieving the most common complaints pregnant women have, from stretchmarks to lower back ache, not to mention swollen ankles caused by water retention
  • pregnancy facial
    Pregnancy can play havoc with the skin, so a targeted facial will aim to nourish dry and hormonally sensitised complexions, clarify hormonal breakouts and even out excess pigmentation. Result? That sought-after pregnancy ‘glow’
  • foot soak, foot massage and/or leg massage
    A welcome respite for limbs that feel hot, heavy and swollen during pregnancy
  • hand and arm massage
    To help reduce the discomfort of puffy hands and fingers
  •  scalp massage
    A common gripe pregnant women have is that the boost in hair growth during pregnancy (yay!) is swiftly followed by rapid hair loss due to the sudden drop in hormones following the birth (boo…). A head massage isn’t just relaxing, but can stimulate the circulation of the scalp, bringing nutrients to the hair follicles
  • “elasticising” collagen-boosting body mask
    The application of nourishing omega-rich oils and creams specially formulated to rehydrate dry itchy skin and help minimise stretch marks – thread-like silvery-white scars in the skin tissue caused by skin rapidly expanding to accommodate a growing baby. Absorption is improved with a gentle body exfoliation to remove dead skin cells

  • body firming treatment
    Many expectant mums seek skin-toning spa treatments for areas of the body that could do with a lift. Clarins is world-famous for its specialist breast-firming spa treatments for example. However it’s advisable to stop using any topical firming serums once you start breast-feeding 
  • manicure and/or pedicure
    A safe bet as long as the room is well ventilated and your nail technician uses nailcare products free from chemical nasties including Formaldehyde, Toluene DBP (dibutyl phtalate), prolonged exposure to which can cause birth defects. Nailcare brands Zoya and OPI are said to be free of these toxins.Click here for more about manicures and pedicures
  • freshly prepared spa lunch
    This should take in to account a mum-to-be’s recommended diet exclusions, such as no blue cheeses and pâté etc and be brimming with healthy fruit and veg

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