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 Pregnancy Facials

A facial is one of the most popular and enjoyable spa treatments. In this guide, we take a look at what you need to know about spa facials during pregnancy.

Are facials safe during pregnancy?

In a word, yes! You will be happy to learn that you can enjoy certain types of facial during pregnancy, and there are facials tailored specifically to pregnant women. However, there are a few things that are off-limits. These include chemical peels, hot stones and laser therapies. You also need to be careful when it comes to aromatherapy, as certain oils should not be used when pregnant, and it is best to avoid products containing retinoid. It is crucial that you let the spa and your therapist know that you are pregnant and how far along you are, so they can tailor your treatment accordingly.

Can I have facials throughout my pregnancy? 

You can, but be aware that some spas might have restrictions. For example, they may not offer treatments to women in their first 12 week of pregnancy or from week 32 onwards. Again, contact the spa ahead of time. There are lots of spas out there that are happy to cater to the needs of pregnant women, with experienced therapists and specific products that are safe for you and the baby. If in doubt, always check with your doctor before booking your treatment and make the spa aware of your pregnancy.

What is a pregnancy facial?

This is a tailored facial that specifically addresses a pregnant woman’s skin concerns. Thanks to a flood of reactive hormones, mothers-to-be can become photo-sensitive to sunlight and suffer from pigmentation patches on their faces (known as “pregnancy mask”) and other parts of the body exposed to UV rays. The complexion tends to blemish easily in pregnancy and hormonal breakouts are another common side effect.

What does it involve?

As the complexion can become sensitised and reactive in pregnancy, thanks to all those hormones, spa therapists, understandably, tend to err on the side of caution with gentle sebum-balancing and skin-nourishing facials.

Additionally, skin can become dull, dry and extra-sensitive in pregnancy. So, facials tend to range from calming and de-puffing, to stimulating and radiance-boosting, thanks to the use of clarifying oxygenating masks or impurity-extracting herbal clay masks, for example. A deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation to help slough off dead skin cells, and a balancing or hydrating mask are the arsenal that a hormonally-challenged complexion needs to reveal that all-important ‘glow’!

Best for: 

Pregnant women who don’t like having their body handled, or feel too tender and swollen for anything other than their face being touched.

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Always check with your doctor if you are in any doubt whatsoever about whether a pregnancy spa break is suitable for your individual condition and stage of pregnancy. 

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