Top Ten Pregnancy Tips

Before you book your pregnancy spa break, take a look at these handy tips for staying safe and making the most of your relaxing spa experience.

1. Let us know!

When booking a pregnancy package, make sure you tell our spa advisors how far along you are. This is essential to help us find you the most appropriate spa treatments. For example, the types of massage you can enjoy are more restricted in the first three months and during the last term.

2. Super-size up

Book your package at one of SpaSeekers’ ‘plus size’ spas. These specifically cater for larger people, making them ideally suited to women in the later stages of pregnancy. Although all spas that offer treatments should be equipped to meet your needs, our plus size venues are committed to providing broader massage beds, wider dining chairs, XXL dressing gowns, larger showers and other creature comforts.

3. Seek support

A spa that offers pregnancy treatments will automatically provide you with support cushions, such as special wedges for under the knees and to slightly elevate the legs (elevation helps drain white blood cells, to reduce swelling). You may be offered large pillows to cuddle or even a big beanbag to lie on. If you want extra pillows, just ask your spa therapist. After all, your comfort and safety should be the spa’s priority.

4. Get a grip

If your therapist massages your legs with oil, ensure she wipes off all traces from the soles of your feet. You want to avoid all possibility of slipping on the floor when you step down from the massage table or walk around the spa (most spa slippers tend to be smooth-soled). To minimise the chance of slipping on wet areas, you could bring your own rubber-grip flipflops or clean indoor Crocs to the spa.

5. Home comforts

If you have a favourite organic massage oil that you’d prefer your therapist to use during a massage treatment, feel free to bring it along. In the winter months, some therapists gently warm their massage oils, so it’s best to let your therapist know at least half an hour in advance of the treatment that you would prefer to use your own.

6. Safety first

Heated massage beds, weightless waterbeds and warming caldarium loungers sometimes found in spas’ relaxation rooms, are normally great for easing lower back pain, but they are not suitable when pregnant. The use of any heated treatments is contraindicated in pregnancy. If unsure, consult your doctor or qualified spa therapist for advice.

7. Sip and snack

Sip on herbal teas and water to stay hydrated and snack on healthy fruit, nuts and seeds to keep your blood sugar levels steady, especially if you’re prone to light-headedness. Some healthy snacks may be offered in a spa’s relaxation room, or you can bring a small bag of your own. To minimise heartburn, it’s best not to book a treatment immediately after lunch or afternoon tea.

8. Keep your cool

Make use of the Kneipp cooling foot baths if the spa has one. Cool water can help invigorate and ease tired puffy feet and ankles. Any hot foot baths must be avoided, as must all heat-based spa treatments and facilities. Some spas allow you to fill up your own foot basins. If there’s an ice fountain nearby, scoop a few handfuls of the crushed ice in the Kneipp basin instead for an instant de-puffing cool down.

9. Put your feet up

Literally! Prop up your feet higher than your ankles with a towel or cushion whenever possible. This helps drain away the white blood cells that can cause uncomfortable inflammation and puffy lower legs, ankles and feet.

10. Location location

If frequent trips to the bathroom are an issue, when booking a treatment, request a therapy room closer to facilities so you’ll have less far to walk, enabling you to maximise your treatment time.

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