The World's First Mulled Wine Spa Day

The World's First Mulled Wine Spa Day

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Get into the festive spirit at the world’s first mulled wine spa

Sparking the senses of Christmastime, there is nothing more festive than the spice and warmth of mulled wine. Just one glass can give you that much-needed winter wonderland feeling, so imagine what bathing in it could do. 

Well, SpaSeekers is bringing that feeling to reality with this new festive trend…

Introducing the mulled wine spa

Coming to a spa near you this December, SpaSeekers is taking the benefits of this delectable drink to the next level by giving you the chance to experience the world’s first mulled wine spa day. Utilising the antioxidant properties of red wine, spices and citrus fruit to start your festivities in style.

What is a mulled wine spa?

A visit to the mulled wine spa will allow you to indulge yourself in our rich, burgundy mulled wine hot tub, perfect for a warming and relaxing day out with your best friends or other half. With subtle and spicy scents of the Christmas season, you can allow your mind and body to relax while enjoying a complimentary glass of mulled wine.

Mulled Wine

Carefully blended to reduce acidity and treated to create a safe and neutral PH, a dip in this festive spa is ideal for reducing inflammation. It also provides a high level of antioxidants from punches of orange, cinnamon and star anise - giving you a wonderful detox just in time for the party season. 

Get the full experience with some festive treatments

Booking this festive spa break doesn’t end with the mulled wine hot tub, you can also enjoy these luxurious treatments that are perfectly tailored for Christmas...

Brown sugar, cinnamon and orange body scrub 

Utilising the exfoliating and anti-bacterial properties of brown sugar, combined with the antifungal and antioxidant cinnamon, our sugar and spice body scrub is the perfect way to bring blood flow back to the skin and leave you glowing. With a touch of orange the citric acid aids exfoliation and the fresh scent of seasonal treats. 

Frankincense massage 

Enjoy a 45-minute massage, paired perfectly to ease your softened skin into relaxation. The intensity of the treatment compliments the entire mulled wine spa package whilst promoting the curative and anxiety-reducing benefits of our frankincense and grapeseed massage oil. 

What are the benefits of the mulled wine spa? 

 Our mulled wine spa combines the rejuvenating benefits of red wine and spa treatments with our own blend of vinotherapy. Set at 37 degrees this luxurious pool allows the pores to open, releasing toxins and allowing your skin to embrace the tannins in the mulled wine.

Mulled Wine-4

Tannins are antibacterial, helping fight viruses and fungi whilst also improving cardiac health and increasing blood flow. Combined with the anti-oxidising properties from the polyphenols in grapes and citrus fruits, circulation is improved whilst you soak your worries away, leaving you glowing. Whilst also contributing anti-bacterial, anti-oxidising, stress-reducing, skin softening and anti-inflammatory properties. Just make sure you only drink the wine in your glass! 

About Shrigley Hall

The first SpaSeekers spa to introduce the mulled wine spa will be the rejuvenating Shrigley Hall at their Bazaar Spa & Silk Garden in the heart of Cheshire. Recently refurbished you’ll find yourself in an oasis away from the stresses and strains of life. Here you can enjoy the entire mulled wine spa package in a tranquil and beautiful setting, enjoying the new additions of an outdoor hydrotherapy pool, thermal cabins and tepidarium.

The Mulled Wine Spa Day at Shrigley Hall retails from £60 per person.


Be the first to soak up the festive spirit 

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*Due to the new COVID-19 restrictions the Mulled Wine Spa is postponed for the foreseeable future, please check back for more information*