In-spa Holistic Slimming


In-spa Holistic Slimming
In-spa Holistic Slimming


I’m always up for finding out about new ways of doing things, and I love anything with a holistic slant, so when I came across the idea of hypno-gastric banding I had to find out more. I don’t really fancy a gastric band – pretend or real - because I can’t really imagine anything worse than having to puree my dinner every day – but the idea of hypnotising obese people into believing that they are actually going through gastric surgery and physically can’t eat very much is really intriguing.


I get fed up with the constant adverts for slimming clubs and the latest diet serialised in the Sunday papers, but the buzz is that hypno-gastric banding actually works. I spoke to Patricia Pajak BA (Hons) who works from the A&L Clinic in Ipswich, who told me that hypnosis for weight loss has an enviably high success rate, especially when it’s used along with CBT and other techniques. She offers the hypno-gastric banding service, where clients are deeply relaxed, guided through an audio CD of an actual operation, then convinced that they have a band in place, along with personalised CDs to take away and help dealing with the issues that caused the overeating in the first place.

Spas are a great place to go to work on wellness, weight loss and healthy eating – and some are enlightened enough to offer hypnotherapy for weight loss. In East Anglia, Lifehouse Spa has a hypnotherapist and their hypno-gastric band therapy got rave reviews in the Guardian last year. Other places that let you have a taste of hypnotherapy include Ragdale Hall Heath Hydro, Champneys, Dove Spas and Saks Hair and Beauty. I might not be a candidate for a gastric band but I could well be tempted into trying hypnotherapy on a spa day…I’d love to hear your stories if you’ve tried it before…

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