The Naked Truth: Spa Seekers Conducts Survey for International Nude Day (July 14th)

In light of International Nude Day which occurs this Saturday (July 14th), we at Spa Seekers want to discover how the contemporary British population feels about public nudity. Are you mentally tough enough to parade in the buff? Or do you dispute the public birthday suit? Tell us by answering our survey at the bottom of this post.

Launched in the late 1990s, International Nude Day was originally instigated by New Zealand sportsman and television presenter Marc Ellis, as a part of a TV show he hosted named SportsCafe. On the show, Ellis encouraged his viewers to send in video clips of themselves, friends or relatives getting up to comedic naked exploits. The popularity of this segment sparked an annual global celebration of nudity (comedic or otherwise); a day on which people ditch their clothes for personal freedom, and/or to raise money for charitable causes.

The British population – with our supposed ‘stiff upper lips’ – is stereotyped for being a little prudish, but have we become more liberal towards nudity in recent times? Or has the heightened pressure to be aesthetically perfect rendered Brits less likely to strip off in public view?

Be sure to visit our blog regularly - we will reveal the results of this survey in infographic form soon.

The survey is now closed. Thanks to all the participants!

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