Making shapes with a ViPR!

Vitality, Performance & Re-conditioning

I was lucky enough to meet up with a lovely personal trainer friend of mine recently, and she let me have a go with a ViPR, the hottest new trend in fitness equipment. ViPR stands for Vitality, Performance & Re-conditioning, and it sounds a bit daunting, but they are popping up in gyms all over the UK - you’ll find them at Virgin Active, Esporta, David Lloyd and many of the bigger gyms (which also have spas, and you can try them out if you are on a SpaSeekers spa day) .

So what does it do? Well, a ViPR “bridges the gap between movement and strength. It’s the ultimate functional training tool, combining the programming of a traditional resistance workout together with the physical agility needed for an optimal sports or fitness performance” and it’s been called ‘the most innovative fitness breakthrough in years’.

The ViPR is getting to be a favourite with celebs and sports personalities too - and they’ve also been spotted on ITV1’s “The Biggest Loser.”

Developed by Olympic coach and human motion expert Michol Dalcourt, ViPR is used in one-to-one personal training sessions, circuits and small group training. Its unique Whole-Body Integration (WBI) programming combines lifting, shifting and twisting motions that copy the way your body moves naturally (unlike the straight lifting and pushing from resistance machines) and they are brilliant for strengthening movement and improving co-ordination.

If your gym already has ViPR and you feel like adding in a bit of resistance training to your fitness regime, why not give it a try? I found the ViPR really easy to use once I’d been shown the different moves, and I definitely felt it afterwards in a good way!

They are adaptable too - available in seven weights from 4-20kg, and with over 9,000 exercises to try. I’m definitely going to get some use out of the one at my gym now I know what to do with it!

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