The Beauty Spot: Karla Powell, International Makeup Artist

Karla Powell is an international celebrity, fashion, portrait and beauty makeup artist (MUA), primarily working in London and NYC. Karla is an expert in all areas of makeup, nails, hair styling and wig work.

Karla Powell

As the winner of Marie Claire’s best beauty Twitter feed of 2012 award, it is hardly surprising Karla’s online following is growing daily. Her name is fast becoming synonymous with invention and creativity within both the beauty and fashion industries, thanks to the innovative and often eye-catching looks she constructs. Karla is currently employed as Head of Artistry for Superdrug’s Makeup Academy cosmetics range, and also works for London’s FB.Beauty.

The ever-rising MUA has more than five years’ experience working with established photographers, completing fashion show assignments – including New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week – as well as commercial TV and theatre work. Karla also has three years’ experience teaching the art of makeup application.

To learn more about Karla’s work and her relationship with skin care and cosmetics, we’ve selected her for our first ever Beauty Spot interview. This new feature will see Spa Seekers talking to big names from the worlds of beauty and fashion, so be sure to check back to our blog often.

Read our interview with Karla below.

SpaSeekers’ interview with Karla Powell

How do you prepare clients’ skin for makeup application?

Karla Powell - The make-up artist

Skin prep prior to makeup application is very important to me as a makeup artist.  First, I cleanse the face using makeup remover, then apply toner with a cotton pad. I then use separate eye and face creams, and a few different primers, including eye shadow primer.

If possible, I will also have the model exfoliate (for models with extra dry skin, I also massage the face with Argan oil). This might seem like a very time-consuming process but it actually never takes more than five minutes. This thorough preparation is worthwhile since it means I don't have to touch up the face during long photo shoots, and applied makeup lasts far longer. The method I use also leaves skin supple and radiant throughout the day.

Imagine makeup is made completely illegal around the globe…which one cosmetics item would you miss the most?

Red lipstick! The possibilities are endless with a lipstick! You can create different aesthetics depending on how you layer the shade – you can create deep red lips, or a natural flushed look. It can also be used as a cream blusher and even for certain eye looks too. With a red lipstick I could create many looks, especially since my fingers make great makeup tools also!

What is the biggest beauty sin women make?

Sleeping with makeup on!  When you forget to wash your face, your skin has the chance to marinate in a day’s worth of debris and oil overnight. The skin is unable to breathe, regenerate and heal itself.

When visiting spas, what is your favourite treatment to undergo?

Deborah Mitchell’s LIA (Lymph Drainage, Incandescent Massage and Acupuncture) Facial Heaven. It's a natural facelift which leaves the skin brighter and cheekbones sharper. The sweeping strokes across my face send me into a blissful trance.

“To me, beauty is…”

…being confident in yourself.

To learn more about Karla Powell and to see her impressively creative makeup shoots and looks, visit her website www.karlapowell.co.uk. You should also follow Karla on Twitter (@karlapowellmua).

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