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The ten million dollar question.....

The ten million dollar question...
The ten million dollar question...

OK, so as the weather looks like staying warm and dry for a while yet (she says hopefully) my thoughts start turning to summer holidays, bikinis and bare legs. Well, mine do. And once I’ve got over the fear of exposing my flesh to an unforgiving world, it’s always time to consider how to best remove pesky body hair.

I’m not one for unnecessary pain, and you know what, I’m too chicken to have any of it waxed away. Well OK, I did try a bikini wax once for a posh holiday and the resulting yelp could probably have been heard from the south coast. I am a big wuss I know but I don’t care what they say, bikini waxing isn’t fun.

I’ve heard that taking a painkiller before the waxing session is good for stopping the ouch factor of a short sharp wax. Even with my impeccable spa credentials though, I do tend to opt more for DIY hair removal than popping into a salon or a spa in the UK and having a wax. It’s probably daft as the waxing I had before was some years ago and I’m pretty sure techniques are much better now!

I’m thinking about braving it again, maybe if I can book it as part of a pamper day I can have a facial or a massage as well and the waxing won’t come as such a shock to the system? I loved the way I felt after I’d had it done, mind you. Well, after I’d stopped pouting. Should I do it again? What are your top tips for dealing with post bikini (or leg) wax trauma?

Do you favour bikini or Brazilian? Or even Hollywood? Tell me, tell me...

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