Getting prom-tastic at the spa…

Getting prom-tastic at the spa…
Getting prom-tastic at the spa…

You know what, I’m an eighties/nineties girl and when I left school back in the day, we didn’t have proms, we just had rubbish school discos and that was our lot. I love the whole idea of getting all glammed up for a rite of passage like a prom, and I can remember reading about them in Sweet Valley High teen books and thinking that the whole idea was impossibly glamorous!

Sophia is only little so I can’t really glam her up for her first prom yet – I’m not ever going to turn into one of those scary American moms who dresses her little girl up like a grown up and makes her do a pageant – makes me shudder! But this is the time of year when it’s just so cute to imagine taking her away for her first pre-prom spa day and getting her all made over – after all it’s a day she’ll always remember and just like a wedding day, the pictures will remind her for ever of how lovely she’s going to look at sixteen (proud mum alert!)

Anyway, with that in mind, if your teen is getting stressed about her prom night already, never fear, there are some amazing spa deals just for mums and daughters that will leave her looking glam and feeling amazing ready for her big night.

If you’re splashing out – go for a luxury facial, manicure and pedicure, use of the spa and top class meals (plus lots of other lovely things) at Ashdown Park in East Sussex, sharing a twin room with the apple of your eye. She’ll love you forever – or at least until the next time you have to ground her…

Or, if you’re on a budget (and who isn’t?) Amida Spas in David Lloyd clubs at Beckenham and Hampton have a great mother-daughter pamper day too, where you get the facial, mani-pedi and a massage too…plus lunch and free rein of the spa.

I may have to borrow a teenager!

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