Ask Spa Goddess Sarah – are spas just for young people?

Are spas just for young people
Are spas just for young people

I’ve had a question from Lynette, from Leeds, who says that she really wants to try a spa near her (especially after reading my review of the De Vere Oulton Hall Spa at Christmas) but she’s a little bit nervous about it because she’s over 60 and thinks that spas are just “places that the young, rich and beautiful go to, and not got grandmas.”

Oh, Lynette, let me tell you that although spas in the UK do have a glamorous image, they really do have something for everybody. I’m lucky enough to have been to lots of lovely UK spas, and believe me, I’ve seen all ages, shapes and sizes on my travels. Maybe in the past, when spas first hit the UK, they were seen as a bit more exclusive and upmarket, a little bit out of the reach of mere mortals and just for celebrities and ladies who lunch. Not anymore!

If I were you, I would start dropping some serious hints about wanting to go on a spa day. If you’ve not been before, you could always opt for a pamper day in a health club, like the Saks Hair and Beauty Spas, where you can get a cheap mini Spa Day just to see if you enjoy it. Ask for a Mother and Daughter spa day if you’re nervous about going alone. Or you can take the plunge and ask for some Mother’s day spa vouchers towards a really nice overnight spa break at the De Vere Oulton Hall?

Either way, you’ll be made to feel welcome, and shouldn’t have to be worried about feeling in any way out of place. Spa days are more affordable these days, so more people are making the most of spa booking agencies like SpaSeekers and booking a bit of pamper time. Let me know how you get on!

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