There’s nothing quite like the head-to-toe bliss of a professional body polish. With benefits ranging from silky smooth skin to a radiant glow, it’s no wonder that this is a staple spa treatment! 

Whether you are yet to enjoy a relaxing spa break or are a regular spa goer looking for more information, you’ll find everything you need to know about the body polish treatments in this guide. We will define what a body polish is, the different types of treatment available and the possible health and beauty benefits associated with an invigorating body polish.

What is a body polish treatment?

A body polish is a popular spa treatment that exfoliates and hydrates the skin, leaving it smooth and soft. It is essentially a facial for the body!

During this treatment, the spa therapist applies a polishing formula comprising a natural exfoliant - such as salt, sugar, coffee, rice bran or pecan hulls - and aromatic essential oils to the guest’s entire body (minus the face and genital area). 

The aim is to remove dull, dead skin cells, while promoting the healthy production of new ones, for improved appearance and condition.

While body polishes can be booked as a standalone treatment, they are often recommended before (or offered as part of) a detoxifying body wrap treatment. 

What are the benefits of a body polish treatment?

An indulgent body polish treatment can provide multiple health and beauty benefits. The benefits may vary depending on the type of polish chosen, however, some common benefits include:

A carefree mind

Treating yourself to a luxury body polish treatment and allowing a qualified esthetician to take care of your skin will provide you with some valuable time to reflect, unwind and forget all your troubles. 

A healthy and youthful complexion

Not only will this treatment strip your body of dead skin cells but the increased blood flow will help to produce new cells and blemish-busting collagen, resulting in a softer, more youthful complexion. Body polishes also hydrate the skin, providing a top-to-toe healthy glow.

A re-energised body

The therapist’s moving hands teamed with the gritty texture of an exfoliating formula will help to stimulate blood flow and promote the movement of energy all around your body. This can help to calm the mind, leave you feeling refreshed and your body feeling re-energised.

More effective results from other beauty treatments and products

Dead cells, dirt and oil build up in the epidermis can prevent topical creams from working as well as they should. A body polish will allow these creams to be more easily absorbed.

Undergoing a body polish treatment before applying a tanning solution or undergoing a tanning spa treatment can help to remove dead cells and smooth out the skin. This creates the perfect canvas for a smooth, even, glowing tan.

Types of body polish treatments

While there are a number of different body polish treatments available across the 500+ spa venues we represent nationwide, some of the most popular treatments include:

Anti-cellulite body polish

This body polish treatment has been designed to help redistribute and decrease the formation of cellulite. The treatment often uses an invigorating coffee scrub to help stimulate circulation within - and improve the appearance of - ‘problem’ areas.

Brightening body polish

This treatment is designed to eliminate tired skin cells from head-to-toe, for a brighter, more youthful complexion. This treatment typically uses a ground pumice stone and citrus oils.

Many spa resorts will offer their own signature version of the treatment which may feature alternative ingredients.

Himalayan salt rub

Body polishes using Himalayan rock salt - the purest salt on the planet - are designed to replenish and optimally balance the essential minerals which are naturally present in your skin. This is an ideal treatment for anyone looking to say goodbye to dry, flaky skin.

Nourishing body glow

Often ideal for those with sensitive skin, these body polishes usually comprise glow-boosting and condition-enhancing oils like aloe vera and jojoba. The treatment also uses gentle natural exfoliants, which will help you achieve super-smooth, glowing skin!

Tan-optimiser body polish

We all know that self-tanning can often appear patchy or uneven without the right preparation. A tan-optimiser body polish is an ideal treatment before the application of a tanning lotion or spray. This skin-smoothing and dead cell-removing body polish will create the perfect canvas for a smooth, even, glowing tan.

What to expect during your treatment

Treatments may vary depending on the spa you are visiting and the type of treatment you have chosen. To find the exact details of your chosen body polish, you can contact your selected spa or visit their website for more details. 

Typically, a body polish treatment consists of the following steps:

Step #1 - Clothing removal

Before your body polish can begin, you will need to strip down to your underwear or change into a bikini.  A changing room or privacy screen will be provided so that you can do this without feeling self-conscious. A large towel or sheet will be left on your massage table. You should lie on your front, get comfortable, and cover yourself before your therapist returns to the treatment room.

Step #2 - Body exfoliation

Your esthetician will carefully uncover a small section of your body at a time so that the exfoliating formula can be massaged into all areas while ensuring your modesty throughout.

Once this process has been completed with you facing down, you’ll be asked to turn over so your front can be treated. Again, the towel or sheet provided will be used to prevent overexposure of your body.

Step #3 - Rinse

Once you have been fully exfoliated, it’s time to rinse off any residue. If your body polish is performed inside a wet room then moving to another area to shower may not be necessary, since a purpose-designed Vichy shower is likely to be present directly above your massage table. You should refrain from using any cleansing products when rinsing, 

for this could strip your skin of the radiance-boosting oils applied during your body polish.

Step #4 - Moisturisation

Once showered and dry, you’ll be asked to lie back down on the massage table, so your spa therapist can apply a rich body lotion or oil to both sides of your entire body. This final step will lock in moisture, encouraging suppleness and prolonging the results from your treatment.


What’s the difference between a body polish and a body scrub treatment?

While both promote skin moisturisation and the removal of dead cells through exfoliation, it is typically the case that only a body scrub sees the skin professionally cleaned as part of the treatment.

Those who choose a body polish will often be left to rinse off in a separate shower alone once fully exfoliated. Alternatively, the therapist may rinse the guest off using a Vichy shower located above the treatment table. Most body scrub patients, however, are likely to have their skin cleansed with further pampering products at this stage of the treatment, either with the aid of a Vichy shower or within another suitable facility.

What should you wear when undergoing a body wrap treatment?

In order for your spa therapist to carry out your body polish, you will need to strip down to your underwear or change into a bikini. Some spas may offer disposable underwear in order to prevent damaging guests clothing. The industry practise of ‘draping’ will also be used to ensure your modesty is maintained throughout the duration of your treatment.

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