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Treatment for Two

I feel as if I’m always on the go. I’m constantly ‘doing’ something, whether it’s working, doing something around the house, working out at the gym, visiting friends, family stuff…whether I like it or not it sometimes seems that ‘couple time’ has gone out of the window and it’s easy to take your significant other for granted while he’s sitting there playing computer games and generally staying out of your way!

It doesn’t hurt to show the one you love that you appreciate them and want to spend quality time with them though, which is why getting away from it all and booking a spa day for two is such a good idea. If you don’t think he/she could manage a whole day of spa bliss, you could always book an overnight stay in a spa hotel, share a treatment and then let him go off and play golf, or do some shopping.

A treatment for two doesn’t have to be soppy and girly – something I think might put a lot of men off. Why not find a spa with a Hammam where you can have a traditional Rasul-style mud treatment, which doesn’t involve rose-scented massage oils and soft music (unless that’s what you want). A good scrub down in a Hammam might be just what the doctor ordered, and you get to sit around and steam gently too. It’s so relaxing…I defy anyone, male or female, to come out of a full on Hammam session and not utter the words, “My skin feels so soft.”

Some spas have really nailed the double treatment idea by having special rooms designated for two. These are just as nice shared with a friend or family member, but it feels so exclusive when you’re being spoiled together, away from everyone else. It’s like your own little retreat! I’ve even been to gorgeous spas where they have a VIP room for couples and groups, with comfy seats, a treatment table, a steam room and a mini spa pool, so that you don’t even have to be treated at the same time, you can have your facial while your beloved gets a good steam or lies back in a blissful bubbly pool. The spa at Oulton Hall just outside Leeds has a VIP room and it’s fabulous!

Spas like Grayshott Hall are offering special Valentine’s Day Retreats with everything you need to ramp up the romance factor. The One Night Romantic retreat gives you an overnight stay, complete with a treatment each, red roses and a bottle of Champagne in your room, plus all meals and canapés and fruit cocktails for two in the lounge.

You can really out a smile on your beloved’s face by treating them to a spa voucher – especially if it’s for a Lover’s Pamper day you can enjoy too! These are fantastic value, include plenty of treatments for you both, and a chance to spend a day together relaxing.

So if you’re stuck for a meaningful gift this Valentine’s Day – give the gift of couple time – and pamper the pair of you!

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