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Portable Presents

I love Christmas shopping, but it can get exhausting when you’re out and about in the town, picking up gifts here, there and everywhere. And seriously, have you ever tried to negotiate a town or shopping centre full of stressed out seasonal shoppers while you’re carrying your three for two rolls of Christmas wrapping paper? Even with the special nifty little bags that they sometimes give you to carry the rolls around in, it’s nigh-on impossible to hold onto them without taking out fellow shoppers as you try to squeeze past them in the M&S queue, or catching them on a John Lewis Christmas tree display. I’m shuddering at the mere thought of it.

What we need is ideas for easy-peasy gifts that can be sent, e-mailed or just transported around with as little space and fuss as possible, as well as being appreciated and of course saving on rolls of glittery foil wrapping paper that only get spread around the house by the dog and leave trails of glitter absolutely everywhere…

Ordering Online: This is my saving grace! Since Amazon started selling almost anything and EBay shops did the same, a Christmas shopping outing quite often starts with a mosey around online. With Black Friday fast approaching, the offers will be coming thick and fast at the end of November – keep your beady eye on your favourite online sellers on 30th November as UK shoppers start to take advantage of the latest US tradition. Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, and the first day of Christmas shopping, where some shops over the pond open at 4am to get as many Christmas shoppers in as possible. Possible bargains include Android tablets and smartphones and Amazon has already announced a sale in the UK. Last year, Apple, ASDA and Comet were also in on the fun, although this year Comet’s offering could be smaller since they’ve been running a closing down sale for weeks…

It’s the Little Things: The trend for everything mini could save time and space this year. Look out for mini gift sets of high-end toiletries like Burt’s Bees, Cath Kidson or Neal’s Yard in supermarkets like Waitrose. They are a great way to try new products without forking out a fortune, and of course very easy to carry home. Other places for mini gifts are Hotel Chocolat which not only delivers but does darling little taster packs, which you can pick up. Plus they always seem to be doing three for two on them, which means you can pick up three, and eat the free one!

Paper Pressies: The ultimate in easy-to-transport Christmas gifts that won’t be hard to carry has to be the voucher. No longer the preserve of aunties who don’t have a clue what to buy you, or restricted to WH Smiths and Woolworths (remember Woolies?) there’s a voucher for every occasion. You can gift music, books, clothes and more just by popping into a card shop, treat someone to a few visits to the cinema, or buy a lovely experience. Of course, there are adventurous experiences like hot air balloons, days in haunted castles and driving supercars…or if you think someone really needs spoiling, why not treat them to a spa voucher, either for a pamper day you choose for them, or the pennies to put towards a fabulous, pampering day in one of our luxury spas?

Whatever you choose, there’s no need to wear yourself out dragging it around the town or hauling it into the car…just pick something small and perfectly-formed, and get your Christmas shopping done in comfort…

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