Mottram Hall’s new bathing experiences

Mottram Hall’s new bathing experiences
Mottram Hall’s new bathing experiences

I'm always up for trying something a bit different, so I can’t wait to try the new steam and herbal baths that have recently been unveiled at De Vere Mottram Hall. The spa hotel has launched a fabulous sounding new Alfresco Thermospace which is designed to give spa-lovers the best of both worlds, with traditional beauty techniques and hi-tech facilities – all wrapped up in some stunning views of the Cheshire countryside.

The Alfresco Thermospace is part of a £6million renovation programme at Mottram Hall, and includes the very first Spa Vision Brechelbath in the UK. The Brechelbath takes its inspiration from the old Bavarian herbal steam baths, with shots of Alpine herbal infused steam invigorating you inside a wooden cabin. It’s designed to make you feel as if you’re in the fresh Alpine air.

Visitors to the new spa area can also try out the Haslauer Stonebath and enjoy the sublime feeling of a slow build-up of heat that your body gently acclimatises to. The mineral stones are first heated in an oven; then cooled down in cold water, which releases the minerals and steam into the atmosphere, to give you a feeling of relaxation and total wellbeing. Mottram Hall is the only venue in the UK to have an authentic Haslauer Stonebath too – all the more reason for a visit.

Resort Managing Director, James Stewart loves the new additions and thinks that visitors will do, too. He said, “The temperatures rise and change while clients are inside, giving a gentler, progressive heat, allowing guests to feel both invigorated and relaxed.”

The great new facilities don’t just stop there – there’s also a Dry Floatation Experience (Soft-Pack System®) – the first in the UK in an outdoor treatment room. It comes complete with a lovely long list of therapies, all designed to make you feel centred and calm.

I'm hoping for an invite soon!

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