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Have a bathtub party!

Spa Pool
Have a bath tub party!

Did you know that today is Bathtub Party Day? No, it was a new one on me, too. The idea of today is apparently to enjoy a peaceful, quiet and serene bath. If that’s as likely in your house as it is mine, well fear not, because in the true spirit of Bathtub Party Day I’ve had a look at some of the nicest spa pools and Jacuzzis so that you can have your very own party there instead!

They spent a fortune on it, so the Ragdale Hall Spa was always going to be pretty spectacular. Along with salt caves, a rose sauna and other treats is the Waterfall Pool, which is both an indoor and outdoor pool, perfect for relaxing in under the stars on a crisp night as the steam rises off the warm water.

There’s also a deliciously relaxing Candle Pool, with gently sloping sides and a beautiful starlit ceiling, complete with gently flickering candles. It’s a silent pool so although not really a place to go for a party, if you want a chilled out daydream in 34 degrees of warm water, that’s your place!

Head further north and you’ll find one of the most advanced hydro spas it’s possible to while away some me-time in. Stobo Castle in Peebleshire, Scotland, has a spa pool that’s so swanky it even has air loungers that will give you a delicious air massage along the whole length of your body, an air pad that produces millions of bubbles which gives you a gorgeously invigorating standing massage, and if that’s not enough you can also get a fantastic massage from the standing water fountains.

Back down to the Capital, the sophisticated K-West Hotel and Spa boasts a gorgeous glass panelled Hydrotherapy pool, complete with luxurious stainless steel recliners. The pool is set in dreamy surroundings underneath a ceiling that’s covered in pretty twinkling lights, and you can banish any tension with the help of gentle bubbling water. When you get out of the pool, you can complete the relaxing experience with an elegant foot bath to treat your feet.

For an iconic swimming pool, you can’t beat the Infinity Pool at the Virgin Active Canary Riverside Club. Not only is it drop dead gorgeous and an absolute joy to relax in, with its glass walls overlooking the Thames, but the pool is a little piece of movie memorabilia as it was recently features in the massive ‘Skyfall’ film.

You’ll never want to bath at home again…

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