The best time for a spa day is NOW!

The best time for a spa day is NOW!
The best time for a spa day is NOW!

Did you know that October is supposed to be the best time to rejuvenate your health and wellbeing? It’s just early enough to hopefully miss the worst of the winter weather and not too early that you won’t feel the benefits once the cold snaps start to take hold.

And of course the Christmas parties won’t usually have started at the end of October so you’ve got plenty of prep time to fit in a spa day and get your body into not-quite-hibernation-mode. I’m off to try another spa this month, so I’m taking all the advice on board about getting my health and wellbeing in order and I’m going to be making the most of their absolutely amazing pools and gym as well as a signature treatment that’s going to relax me into a winter-ready state of mind.

I’d like to put forward a case for spending money on YOU as the winter months roll in. So here are my top ten reasons for booking a spa break right now!

1. We all work too hard and you can’t use a Blackberry in a spa relaxation area!

2. Hydrotherapy – a good pounding from a water jet will get rid of those knotted muscles

3. Time to read a good book as you laze around by a heated pool.

4. Any lingering coughs and colds will feel better after a session in a steam room, especially if it’s an aromatherapy steam room.

5. Massage – if you can splash out on a massage you’ll really feel the benefits.

6. The fitness – most spas have top-class gym facilities as well as a pool and you won’t have to wait ages for a treadmill or change in a sweaty changing room. Most also have classes and big spas have fitness classes you might not get elsewhere.

7. Heat! When it’s cold outside there’s nothing nicer than a warm sauna or steamy poolside to sit by…and relaxation rooms are always toasty warm.

8. The food….spa food is all about indulgence – but healthy indulgence. You won’t find junk food on the menu but it’s not undressed salads and no caffeine any more…

9. Holistic therapies – advice on nutrition, reflexology, aromatherapy, they are all good for winter blues!

10. Beauty…say no more. When you look good, you feel good.

Enough reasons for you?

What’s your favourite reason for booking a spa trip?

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