Wellness is the way to go!

Wellness is the way to go!
Wellness is the way to go!

It seems that the British public are looking after their health in 2013 and embracing the trend for spa wellness breaks. Travel agents across the UK have reported that more people were interested in booking a holiday with a spa element last year than ever before, and that we’re foregoing our annual week or two of hedonism or just lying in the sunshine for a more refreshing, holistic spa break that nourishes our body and mind, and makes us feel good rather than leaving us with a hangover or half a stone in excess baggage.

Spa in the UK are really getting in on the act, with wellness packages starting to come to the fore. Focussing on stress reduction, fitness and diet are common in some of the bigger health resorts like Hoar Cross Hall, Champneys, Lifehouse Spa and Ragdale Hall, who have been catering for the wellness trend with gorgeous packages designed to soothe and restore, balance and nourish as well as work you out like a mad woman (or man) in some cases. Places like Lifehouse even go one step further with packages specifically designed for spa goers in their 50s or over and recovery breaks for people going through chemotherapy or recovering from treatment.

Boot camps are one way of kick starting a health plan, but in most cases even a spa boot camp isn’t as harsh as it might have been a few years ago; having survived an old-school starve and shock style spa break over ten years ago, and comparing it with the balanced, healthy choices available at modern spas, it’s safe to say that things have most definitely moved on in that regard! Spa food is generally delicious, whether you opt for a more frugal regime with lots of juices and salads or tempt yourself with a delicious spa and cream tea option.

Spas are right at the heart of the wellness culture, no longer just for beauty treatments and an excuse to lie by a pool (although of course they are pretty good for that, too) but the perfect way to recharge your health and take care of your body.

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