We have Spa Evidence!

We have Spa Evidence!
We have Spa Evidence!

Have you ever struggled to convince someone that your Reiki or massage therapy really does do you good (other than making you feel great) or got into one of those arguments about why acupuncture is just as valid a treatment for a bad back as anti-inflammatories?

I know I have – especially with Mr Spa Goddess Sarah who tends to give me his ‘let’s humour the little woman’ look sometimes when I try and tell him all about the latest spa therapy I’ve been trying out. So, I’m glad to hear that there’s a brand new website called www.spaevidence.com that’s set up to publish clinical trials into holistic therapies and how well they actually work.

Launched in July, the website is jam-packed with thousands of clinical studies that look at all of our spa day favourites – everything from massage to meditation, aromatherapy to acupuncture. There are 22 major spa therapies in all which are covered by the site, and it’s written both in non-medical speak with a ‘spotlight’ on each therapy and a short overview of a few relevant studies, and then if you’re really keen you can go into the more detailed research, clicking through to scientific papers published online.

You can also find out about trials that are currently going on, and it will be great for people who actually work in UK spas, because they’ll be able to point to real evidence that proves the therapies we all love so much actually do work, and they aren’t just ‘all in our mind’. I’m so excited about this, as I’ve been into holistic health for a long time, since before I even discovered the spa-love, and I’ve got myself into plenty of arguments with people who believe that the only way to deal with illness is to pop a pill.

So – why not check out the website – at the very least it might give you an excuse to book a massage or your next pamper day...

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