The great fat –v-thin debate

The great fat –v-thin debate
The great fat –v-thin debate

Here at SpaSeekers, we like to think that we’re promoting health, stress relief and fitness to everyone with our range of spa days and breaks for all. There’s certainly something for everyone, whether you want to push yourself really hard at a Boot Camp or relax for a few days with nothing but a gentle swim to stretch your muscles. The choice really is yours.

Recently, you can’t fail to have noticed the furore that a certain tabloid columnist has stirred up about being thin and beautiful. This controversial woman has been on TV defending her opinion that the only way to be is thin, and that you can’t possibly be beautiful (or healthy) if you’re not thin.

Do you agree? We’re all about feeling good and taking your health seriously, but do you have to diet and deny yourself to manage this? Can’t you just eat well, keep fit and look after your stress levels instead? The journalist, Samantha Brick, didn’t mention fitness in her argument, she seemed to think she was healthier because she restricted what she ate, threw chocolates in the bin, and went on such a strict diet four times a year that she didn’t have the energy to work. I’ve been on a regime like that in the name of research before; more than ten years ago I was sent to write about Shrubland Hall in Ipswich, an old-style health spa that offered a ‘light diet’ which consisted of little more than leaves, grated carrot, broth and herbal teas.

I have to be honest and admit I couldn’t hack it. I got a friend I knew in the area to sneak me out for a pub meal and I hid cereal bars in my case but even so, the caffeine withdrawal and semi starvation overcame me at one point and I almost fainted. A week of that lost me six pounds…which I put on again in the two days after I left. I think I put most of it back with one roast dinner at my mum’s…

Weight isn’t everything. Surely being fit and healthy isn’t dependent on starving yourself? Do you think that being thin is the be-all and end-all, or are you one of the many not-thin women in the UK (like myself) who believes a little bit of what you fancy does you good, as long as you don’t spend your whole weekend on the sofa scoffing pizza and you get a bit sweaty occasionally?

I’d love to hear what you think. Here’s the link to the interview

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