Spray tanning - the spa way

Spray tanning - the spa way
Spray tanning - the spa way

I love the sun-kissed look, but given that I’m blessed with skin that burns as soon as the red-tops print the headline ‘Phew what a scorcher’ it’s something I have to live without unless I feel like investing in a fake spa tan.

I know some people love a sun bed tan, and each to their own, but I prefer something a little more pampering if I want a special occasion skin bronzing. You can go in-spa and have a tan these days – most day spas, health club spas and overnight spas have a selection of tanning options to choose from, or you can DIY it in your bathroom if you have a decent mirror to make sure you get the tricky bits.

Spray Tans are the celeb way to go. They’re lovely for making sure you get an even tan, quick and give you a really great looking tan with hardly any effort – and no pesky streaks. Some spas in the UK have a spray tan booth but I like to have mine done by a therapist – just because they can see if they’ve missed a bit and make sure that it goes on evenly. Nobody wants to look like an over enthusiastic soap star or an Oompah Loompah, so avoid the orange effect and find a decent spa with properly trained therapists - the personal touch is always a winner. Plus, it’s always fun to gossip while you’re being bronzed!

Go for a spa that uses a brand you know about – Fake Bake and St Tropez are two of the best known but newer brands like Sienna X are also getting great reviews from the therapists themselves which is always a good sign. Here’s a really good video for any spray tan virgins out there…

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