Can a Spa Day improve your confidence?

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Can a Spa Day improve your confidence?

We all know that spending a day in a luxurious spa can make us feel pampered and special, and if we have a few well-chosen beauty treatments we might even walk out of the spa feeling more glamorous than when we walked in. But can a trip to a spa actually improve your confidence?

According to reports, spas in the UK think so. Some of the bigger spa brands have started a trend for spa packages that help you to work on your body image and self-confidence, to give you even more of a reason for booking a spa break if you feel like you need a bit of a boost!

Champneys are leading the way in the confidence break, with a new package for over 50s. The package, which has been designed with the help of spa consultant Tanya Wheway, includes nutrition and fitness advice for more mature spa-goers along with workshops on positivity, relationships and the intriguing “How to Hang Loose and Have Fun”

Champneys has also launched a ‘Girls Just Want to have fun” package designed to give women a self-confidence boost with belly dancing and burlesque classes and even a style workshop! I’d say that was worth booking on just for the burlesque classes, personally!

It’s not just Champneys getting in on the act, either. Rockliffe Hall in Darlington is running a workshop with Mama Mio that’s aimed at helping women get their body confidence back in time for summer, and the Imagine spa chain are running a ‘Dream On’ package that focusses on make-up, colour analysis, body-mapping and dressing right for your body shape.

To be honest, I think any time spent in a spa being pampered is good for your soul and gives us frazzled ladies a chance to focus on ourselves for a while, something that we can’t always do when we have kids and/or jobs to think about. What do you think?

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