How to Find Your Zen

You might hear people talking about how ‘Zen’ they are. But what does that actually mean? In this article, we take a look at the concept of Zen and at how you can find yours at home or at your next spa day or spa break.

What is ‘Zen’?

Dating back as far the Chinese Tang dynasty, which ruled between 1,100 and 1,400 years ago, Zen emerged from a school of Buddhism. The word itself comes from the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese word, ‘Chan’, which has its roots in the Indian practice of meditation called, ‘Dhyana’. The concept of Zen has evolved to encompass a general feeling of peace and tranquillity. Finding your Zen means slowing down and finding harmony amid the chaos of daily life.

Tips on finding your Zen at home

Fortunately, finding your Zen doesn’t have to mean a voyage of discovery to far-flung lands to find yourself (although, it might!). There are some simple things you can incorporate into your daily life that can help you reach that meditative state.

Meditation: Finding your personal Zen isn’t just about meditation, although this can be highly beneficial. The deep, controlled breathing can clear the mind and help you escape from your stresses and worries. Make dedicated time for meditation each day, even if just for a few minutes. Practice your meditation in a quiet space in which there are no outside distractions.

Yoga: Yoga practice encourages steady breathing, a relaxed state and a quiet but focussed mind. It can also have added benefits for your health, such as improved strength and flexibility. If you’re not a fan of yoga, other types of mindful exercise, such as Pilates and tai chi, can work in similar ways.

Aromatherapy: Whether added to a relaxing bath, placed in a diffuser or diluted with a neutral carrier oil and massaged on to the skin, essential oils can have a wonderfully calming effect on the mind and spirit. Take some time to find the aromas that really have a positive impact on your senses. Lavender is a great one to try, as it aids relaxation and sleep.

If you are still struggling to find your Zen, here are a few ways that spending some time at a spa (such as the DoubleTree by Hilton Glasgow Westerwood Spa & Golf Resort) can help.

Credit: DoubleTree by Hilton Glasgow Westerwood Spa & Golf Resort

Dedicated relaxation time

It can be hard to relax at home. There is usually some distraction, such as your phone going off or the dog barking. Even if there aren’t any actual distractions, it can be hard to switch off completely. That problem at work; that upcoming deadline; that sink full of dirty dishes all serve to take you out of ‘relaxation’ mode and back into ‘stressful daily life’ mode. At the spa, you have nothing to do but relax. The environment is set up to be as calming as possible and the fact you are away from home means you can’t check your email or tackle those dishes.     

Credit: DoubleTree by Hilton Glasgow Westerwood Spa & Golf Resort

Spa packages you might like:

  • Genting Hotel Resorts World in Birmingham offers a Zen Experience Spa Day that is guaranteed to ease your tensions and melt away stress.

Quality time with loved ones

Spas are great for some ‘me’ time, but they are equally great when you want to enjoy quality ‘we’ time. A spa break is perfect for a much-needed catch-up with your friends, a meet-up with a family member or to escape with your partner for some uninterrupted togetherness. While a spa day can offer the perfect mini-break, you could even enjoy an overnight break, so you really get the chance to unwind. Laughing and smiling releases endorphins that automatically make you feel good and offer other benefits, such as pain relief. So, make it a light-hearted and fun spa break for two and find your Zen together.                                                                            


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Spas and packages you might like:

  • The Kinmel & Kinspa in Abergele offers a Harmony Spa Day for Two, so you can find your Zen with a friend or loved one.

An opportunity to reflect

Sometimes, you just need space to think with no distractions. Our brains crave time to digest and reflect on all the information we’re constantly absorbing. This helps us to maximise our learning and process any difficult experiences. Finding time and space to reflect can be hard on a day-to-day basis. The peaceful, quiet environment of the spa offers the perfect opportunity for reflection. Wind down with a facial, visit the steam room, or head to the meditation area and let your brain calmly process and file away all of those random thoughts that can disrupt your Zen.

Spas and packages you might like:

Enjoy a massage

Massages can help your body and your brain, relaxing your muscles and boosting your mood. Certain hormones are released during a massage, which increase your serotonin levels, making you feel happier. Massages can even have a positive effect on your mental health. While not a substitute for professional help from a doctor or counsellor, if you are experiencing problems, a massage can assist in improving your mental wellbeing. Choose a lighter touch massage if you really want to relax.

Spas and packages you might like:

  • The Bannatyne spas offer a range of pampering packages that include a choice of massage and give you some much-needed ‘me’ time.

Ready to find your Zen? Give our spa experts a call today and start planning your next spa break.

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