London Spas Calling!

London Spas Calling!
Well, I’ve become quite over excited about the Royal Wedding, I can’t wait to see the dress and get a glimpse of Kate Middleton looking all demure and lovely on 29 April. It’s all about the dress for me; I’m unashamedly shallow where the whole wedding subject is concerned. I’ve also started to fall in love with a lot of the London-centric memorabilia I’ve seen. I even saw the most adorable commemorative rubber ducks, which I was sorely tempted to buy the other day. For Sophia, of course! 

All this London talk has got me fired up about the spas in London. Being so close to the capital gives me carte blanche to travel over whenever I hear of a fabulous new spa opening, and sample a spa treatment in London probably more often than most people. That’s why I love my job!

Spa days in London tend to be pretty top of the range, a lot of new ideas, treatments and therapies do get their first outing in London, and it’s worth a trip to some of the lesser known spas too, to seek out some unusual new ideas. I’ve recently found out about some treatments I haven’t tried at the CityPoint Spa and I’m just waiting for a chance to get over and get some spa time.

I also like the Dove spas, which are all around London, as they have some lovely treatments that are reassuringly medical yet still indulgent and soothing. There’s a lovely Dove Spa at Virgin Active on Canary Wharf which is well worth a visit if you want to book in for a bit of London spa pampering.

Are you getting into the Royal wedding spirit? Or are you resolutely ignoring the whole thing? And what’s the best excuse for a day in London?

All invites graciously considered…

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