A hairy issue for spas?

A hairy issue for spas?
A hairy issue for spas?

I had to laugh the other day, when I saw a report in the news about the online mums group Mumsnet getting very irate with Duncan Bannatyne about the fact that his Bannatyne’s Health Clubs and Spas are offering beauty treatments – including waxing – to girls as young as 13 in some of their spas in the UK.

The usual cries of ‘sexualisation of our young girls’ were heard across the Internet, but you know what, I’m as opposed to baby beauty pageants and make up for toddlers as the next mum (you won’t be catching me entering Sophia for anything or appearing on ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’) but 13? Really? I remember that age very well, and you spend years wondering why you haven’t sprouted any leg hair…then when it does appear, all you want to do is get rid of it PDQ. I did shaving, messy creams and had an ill-advised attempt at home waxing in my teens and I have to say that if a spa or salon had offered me an affordable way to rid myself of pesky body hair at that age I would have taken it.

I also remember a poor girl in our year who was saddled with the nickname ‘Hairy Mammoth’ for ages due to a high cut swimming costume and copious leg hair!

I don’t see anything wrong with teenage girls making the most of beauty treatments, including waxing. It’s harmless and all waxing is done with a parent or other responsible adult present up to the age of 16 anyway. We’re not talking about giving 14 year old girls Brazilians – the waxing is strictly for legs and under arms. What do you think? Should Mumsnet butt out, or do they have a point? Would you let your 13 year old have a leg wax?

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