Walking for fitness: Let your feet do the walking

Walking to school
Walking to school

How often do you walk to school with your children, if you have them? It’s so easy just to jump in the car and get there in five minutes, giving everyone the extra time in bed or to argue over the breakfast table…

But encouraging your little (and not so little) ones to walk to school every once in a while will do them good – and if you walk along with them, it’ll do your health some good too.

Walk to School Week is part of the Walk to School campaign, which is all about getting parents to leave their cars behind and get to school on foot, The week, which begins on 20th May and runs until 24th, is supported by many schools and there’s a whole list of events to choose from if you want to take part. One really useful part of the week is also dedicated to teaching kids road safety skills.

It’s also part of a bigger event; National Walking Month, which takes in walking to work and school and wants to get us all up out of our chairs and onto our feet. It’s for your own good, you know? Walking is incredibly good for you. Most people can manage a walk, even if we can’t manage a jog or a run. Just half an hour of walking every day can work wonders for your fitness levels, reduce stress and even help your concentration levels, which is why an early morning walk is such a good idea.

Did you know that you can even walk a marathon? SpaSeekers’ Sarah has signed up for the Shine Marathon in London for Cancer Research; 26 miles around London – at night! There are apps that make walking more fun and you can use your mobile phone t log on and compete with your friends; how about ‘MapMyWalk’ which is free and uses GPS to track hoe far you’ve gone and how fast you’re going?

Or you might want to take part in one of the challenges set by Living Streets to get you up off of the sofa and walking to school, to work, or wherever takes your fancy. Let us know what you try, and enjoy your walk!

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