The Future of Fitness?

The Future of Fitness?
The Future of Fitness?

Not having enough time is one of those excuses that we all tend to trot out occasionally when the urge to go to the gym is overridden by the urge to stay in and watch the telly. Or is that just me?

Well, to make it just that little bit harder to come up with the excuse and get away with it, David Lloyd Leisure has announced a new development in personal training, designed to bring personal training out of the gym and on to the high street. I don’t know about you, but the thought of having a personal trainer, although it’s quite appealing, usually feels just a little bit out of my comfort zone. I did have one years ago, before I had Sophia, but even then he was part of a bigger gym set-up, I was already used to the gym and it was easy to book sessions. I did love my trainer, he pushed me very hard indeed and it was great boxing with him to get rid of stress! If PT sessions were easier to come by and less intimidating, I think a lot of people would give it a go.

The new personal training studios will start rolling out in late September, with the first one in Putney, the second hopefully in Winchester and another being planned in Central London. If these are a success, DLL has plans to roll out the concept to other locations around the UK too.

The studios are going to offer personal training sessions as well as fitness classes and group training sessions, there won’t be any expensive membership fees, and there will be options to buy sessions in blocks, or pay monthly if you prefer. If you’re trying to lose weight, the studio in Putney will be running the David Lloyd Leisure weight loss programme, Lose and Shape Up, and if you’ve got an injury that needs a bit of TLC, they will even have an on-site physiotherapist to help you work it out.

DLL chief executive Scott Lloyd said: ""We are excited by the potential for this concept, which fills a gap in the market for a convenient, local fitness solution, easily fitted around our customers' other day to day commitments and time pressures."

Would you use a drop in gym facility like this? I can definitely see a massive bonus, as there’s no membership and you can just book your sessions at a time that suits you. Would you go, knowing you’d paid for a set number of sessions? Or do you think you would let it go, like a gym membership that you keep paying for and don’t use? It’ll be interesting to see how well these drop-in gyms do when they are launched.

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