Making shapes with a ViPR!

Making shapes with a ViPR!
Making shapes with a ViPR!

Are you looking to add some resistance training to your fitness regime but aren’t keen on the idea of conventional weight (strength) training? Then a ViPR (Vitality, Performance & Re-conditioning) workout might be perfect for you.

ViPR bridges the gap between movement and strength. It’s the ultimate functional training tool, combining the programming of a traditional resistance workout together with the physical agility needed for an optimal sports or fitness performance, easily making ViPR the most innovative fitness breakthrough in years.

International celebrities and sports personalities alike are among the growing number of high-profile individuals training with ViPR, and it has been featured on ITV1’s “The Biggest Loser.”

Developed by Olympic coach and human motion expert Michol Dalcourt, ViPR is used in one-to-one PT sessions, circuits and small group training. Its unique Whole-Body Integration (WBI) programming combines lifting, shifting and twisting motions to replicate and strengthen movement and improve co-ordination.

Available in seven weights from 4-20kg, and with over 9,000 exercises, ViPR guarantees a dynamic user experience for participants at all levels.

ViPR is designed to;

• Provide an effective whole-body workout

• Build muscle and burn calories through strength and movement training

• Be versatile – it can be lifted, dragged, thrown or stepped on

• Be safe as it's made from rubber

• Be suitable for all ages and abilities with weights ranging from 4kg to 20kg

ViPR is available at many of the world's leading health and fitness clubs, including Virgin Active, David Lloyd and Nuffield, plus many personal trainers offer 1-to-1 ViPR training.

Guest post by personal trainer Carly Humphreys-Surry

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